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Sprinting with depleted stamina should have constant, reduced run speed
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This is a suggestion for QOL improvement: currently, running with sprint enabled (holding 'shift') enables fast movement (sprinting) until stamina bar is depleted. Once the bar is depleted, the player movement speeds abruptly reduces to a jog. The stamina bar refills while the player is jogging. If the user holds 'shift' during this bar-refilling period, the player character will abruptly break into a sprint again once the stamina bar is slightly refilled. This produces an effect where players will run fast/slow/fast/slow in a halting fashion.

This is the default method of players quickly covering long distances by foot. There are two problems - it is unrealistic, and it is jarring. A runner with depleted stamina would not break into a sprint every 5 seconds. This gives a player a method of dodging shots, even with depleted stamina, which undoes one of the crucial game mechanics - the management of stamina for enhanced survival under gunfire.

A suggestion - players sprinting with fully-depleted stamina should enter a new movement state, with speed greater than jogging, and less than normal sprinting, while continuing the drain water/food at the fully-sprinting pace. The result is player movement will be steadier, abrupt transitions from jogging to sprinting while stamina-depleted will stop, and the running experience for players will improve (no more fast/slow/fast/slow abrupt, jarring and unrealistic speed switching).

See for example the sprint mechanic in Squad - once stamina is depleted, faster-than-jogging movement is still possible, but sprinting speed is reduced greatly. Player movement while sprinting with depleted stamina is much smoother and more enjoyable for the player.


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