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Gameservers servers are being deleted forever.
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Hello, me and my friends just found out a LOT of servers are not longer available and won't coming back online ever again (owned by gameservers as GA 2-19 and all the FL Servers) we lost all the gear and our bases in those servers and we are quite angry about it. I know it was not directly Bohemia's fault but if we are going to keep playing this game WE NEED TO KNOW WHICH SERVERS ARE RELIABLE AND WHICH ARE NOT GOING TO BE SHUT DOWN FOREVER.

Years of playing this game, years supporting your company ignoring all the bugs and previous servers wipes, but we would like to know this is not gonna happen in the next server we chose, at least not soon. Which servers we should chose to set our base again from scratch? Multiplay's? Fragnet's?


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Fragnet ATL servers are off and on see this comment on another ticket about it

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Hello ParanoiaLP.
We are communicating with the server providers and working on moving the edge case servers that could disappear into the "Community" tab instead of official. So in the future, the servers that will appear in the official tab should not be disabled.