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what happened wiht GA 2-19 ip108.61.104.15:2302 server, they shut down, with out any advertise.
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the GA 2-19 server ip is gone without announcement, i lost 6 weeks of effort just building a base, and 6 months of looting finding as sick the best loot, spending thousands of hour finding heli crashes, and in one second, everithing is gone.

what is going to happen, this is the secodn time that this happen, the first on was less badly, but this¡¡

Dayz is going to erase servers whit any advice and explanation, whats the porpuse of building bases, looking for a vehicles in the future, if at the end all is gone sudenly.

please let the server back just a week just to get our stuff¡


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Windows 10 x64

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Hello PANZERmx.
The servers ran by GameServers are fully in control of GameServers and it was their decision to turn this server off. We did not decide to shut down this server and we were not notified by GameServers about this change either - so we could not warn the players beforehand. These servers were ran as "extras" by GameServers out of their own volition and therefore they are free to turn them off as they wish.
For the future we are already looking into possibilities to prevent such misunderstandings.
We apologise for any inconveniences this has caused.