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Slower transition into death
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Would it be possible for a slower death to occur when you get shot?

Instead of the instant black screen ‘you are dead’ we should see our character fall to the floor, and slowly fade away.

This wouldn’t have to take any longer than the current 15 seconds respawn counter. Currently, when the countdown reaches 0, the camera glitches to our eye POV for a split-second. If this already happening accidentally, then surely it’s possible for you to let us see for the whole 15 seconds?

Make it obscured with red filters, blackness fading in and out, with the ability to look around.

Instant black can be cool, but it’s far too anti-climactic for it to happen ALL the time.

Headshots SHOULD still be instant. The impact of an instant death would actually be increased if it didn’t happen all the time.


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We do have fade to black but I don't think it's as good as it was in 0.62 if I'm being entirely honest.

The reason I love the 0.62 implementation so much, is that you get to see your character ragdoll and properly plummet to your death and then see an instant cut to a black screen.

Then you would see the fading in "you are dead" screen which may feel "anti-climatic" but it happens so fast that it leaves a void that your character lost its life that quick from that "dumb decision you made"

I liked it and made you feel that your character can be gone within a split second.

The instant cut to black for headshots is also somethig very nice and authentic too

@jamielou.007 Are you saying that we currently fade out for non head shots, and go straight to black for headshots. That’s kinda cool if so. Can’t believe I missed it. Unless I always get headshotted 😂. Even if it already happens, expanding on the fade out would be great.