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Leaning + player skeleton problems!
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The leaning implementation needs LOTS of work

When standing, the animation leans too far which causes issues (especially for left (Q) lean animation while standing)

When standing and crouched, the gun is not positioned properly on most lean toggles and causes big clipping, weird skeleton movements, and terrible view models.

#1: Lean Severity in ADS:
The lean tilts way to much especially for the Q/Left lean. It's hard to shoot like this, and is generally a weird feel and not smooth.
In crouched stance, it's better however

Old Legacy DayZ and ARMA lean severity was/is a happy amount:

#2: Player skeleton deformation when leaning

With MP5K and all pistols, lean left (Q) looking down moving left/right
Lean Right and look up, observe head position

#3: Forehand being disconnected off handguard when leaning and looking up/down

#4: ADS Viewmodel Clipping with lean.
With pistols and MP5K (especially because of skeleton deformation) and ghillie suits, looking up/down leaning + moving.

But can happen with most weapons as well but not as severe

#5: Clipping with big scopes

Using scopes like the Kashtan Scope and the 1p5n1 Kazuar (Night Vision Scope) that are generally big.

They tend to clip badly when leaning

#6: Leaning blocking/hindering your ViewModel and aim

When you lean at certain positions and angles, the gun or your arm will hinder the ViewModel

Especially with leaning left, it's the WORSE and it makes it really frustrating to lean left and trying to shoot.

At certain positions when looking somewhat up or down while leaning left/right it can do the same.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I would really like to see #6 fixed the most.

To reproduce that one specifically.

Lean left while standing up, and move the gun around until it blocks your view. (it can be looking straight, a little down or up while)
Do the same for crouched.

Repeat for leaning right however it's less prevalent, but still exists.

Additional Information

The best solution here is to

  • Limit how far down and up you can aim, especially with leaning
  • Limit leaning severity so you don't lean so far like you are breaking your ribs lol (Make it like ARMA/old DayZ?)
  • Fix the gun positions during the leans, don't let it hinder the ViewModel and where you are looking!


Something cool would be screen tilt with the leaning like in Escape From Tarkov, it looks really cool and works nicely
EFT leaning screen tilt (skip to 15 seconds in)

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jamielou.007 added a comment.EditedAug 15 2019, 10:45 AM

If you look at this youtube video you can see how the leaning severity was prior to .63

It was well done, wasn't overdone and worked flawlessly for the most part :)

P.S observer the weapon movement oscilation (bouncing back and forth) while moving in ADS.

That needs to return !

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Aug 15 2019, 11:03 AM