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addMagazineAmmoCargo do not create empty magazines
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Command cargospace addMagazineAmmoCargo [magazine, quantity, 0] do nothing. With any magazines, quantity and containers. But it can be useful for creating empty magazines: magazines repack, etc.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place any soldier on map in editor
  2. Start mission
  3. Execute in console: (vestcontainer player) addMagazineAmmoCargo ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", 1, 0];
  4. Nothing changed. Magazine not appear in player's inventory.

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DAP created this task.Aug 10 2019, 10:08 PM
K.Hunter added a comment.EditedDec 15 2019, 3:47 PM

+1 from me... addMagazineAmmoCargo has the framework to support this, but it just doesn't allow "0" for some reason. It won't work for any container, including player equipment, as well as ammo boxes and vehicles.

Currently the only way to add an empty magazine to a soldier (not vehicle or object) is by using the addMagazine command, and with that you can't specify where exactly you want to add the mag to (uniform, vest, backpack, etc.).

Since there is no "problem" engine-wise to add empty magazines to the cargo-space of objects, BIS really needs to remove this constraint on this scripting command. You can already manually place an empty magazine you have on your soldier into a box by drag&drop. And you can even workaround empty magazines being deleted on reloading with a reload event handler. There are loads of people asking for more functionality regarding empty magazines and repacking, and my community has its fair share of reasons for asking for the same things.

So in the next update, please allow addMagazineAmmoCargo to work with 0 ammo. @Astaroth

it's fixed, but no ETA on when it will hit exe

BIS_fnc_KK closed this task as Resolved.May 18 2020, 11:13 PM

fix should be on dev

Groove_C removed a subscriber: Groove_C.Oct 22 2020, 2:50 PM