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There’s nothing more crap to me, than seeing someone side step left and right over a dead body whilst looting. It’s so unrealistic.

Looting a dead body should be one of the most dangerous things anyone does. It should capitalise on risk-reward.

I think players should be forced to slow down/stop or at least CROUCH.

This feature would go particularly well with the ability to DRAG BODIES!

Conversely, I would also prefer if we could JOG whilst accessing our basic inventory (clothes, NOT BACKPACKS).

In real life, I can access my clothing pockets and jog quite easily (I am very talented, I know)

Hotbar should not allow access to backpack items.

Backpack should not be accessible whilst moving. Walking would be ok, but it would be too complicated to allow backpack whilst walking, but not whilst jogging... I think we should have to put backpacks in our hands in order to access the contents.

A backpack should be somewhere we store items that aren’t needed immediately. Food, repair kits, etc. Currently people can stores large guns and access them immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I think we should be able to place anything that fits in there, but it’s the ‘instant access’ that is the problem.


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something really interesting I've seen suggested is to do it Escape From Tarkov route.

If you encounter a dead body, you would have to loot that body using the screen prompt that pops up on a body that says,

Press F to search body

like this:

Yes, good stuff @jamielou.007 Looting in Tarkov is terrifying! That’s how it should feel in DayZ!