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AK12´s magazin is buggy.
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Hey guys,

I just found an AK12 in a military base on an custom server.
After I picked it up, i wanted to put my full magazin into it. I tried it several times, but the weapon suddenly had an empty magazin in it, whereas the weapon model showed no active magazin. This magazin which sadly had no rounds in it, couldn´t be replaced by my full magazin.
I´ve reloged several times, but no betterment. Even my colleague couldn´t swap the magazin.

I´m having flashbacks to the time where the M4´s showed this bug...

Thank you for checking on this bug and kind regards


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Phteven created this task.Jul 27 2019, 6:53 PM

AK-12 is a modded weapon, so they might not be able to help you here.

There is a known bug concerning stuck mags in certain weapons. Mostly the CR-527, I believe. Perhaps it’s linked to that. If that IS the case, it’s something they are working, I believe.

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Jul 29 2019, 2:32 PM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello Phteven.
As EnterThePug has mentioned, AK12 is not a official weapon and is a part of some mod. In case you run into such issue in the future with one of the vanilla weapons, please let us know here.