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VOIP is not working for me whatsoever
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As the title says my VOIP will not work at all and while i can hear other players clearly - none of them can ever hear me. I have tried every fix me and everyone i have asked can think of. I've checked and redownloaded drivers, made sure the game has permission to use the mic, checked defaults, checked steam, bought a new mic, messed with volume settings, made sure no other programme has exclusive control, deleted preference files etc etc etc, i even reset my entire laptop back to factory settings and wiped EVERYTHING and this still will not let me speak in game.

The small white mic icon comes up when i press caps lock but no sound is produced that other players can hear. I know my mic works because i use it regularly with other games and things like discord and it works fine. while playing Dayz i can open the steam options, test my mic (and its working) and then tab back into game and it will not be working. I need help please this has been going on for months and its making the game unplayable for me as i play on a pretty interactive server. PLEASE HELP ITS BEEN LIKE 9 MONTHS NOW AND I JUST DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM


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Windows 10
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Happens every time i play the game without fail no matter what mic i use

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Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.Jul 22 2019, 11:07 AM

Set Stereo Mix as default input device in Windows to see if DayZ or Windows is the problem.

Set Stereo Mix as default input device in Windows to see if DayZ or Windows is the problem.

Just tried this and it didn't have an effect. players still cannot hear me but mic works in tests and other programs