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Player Getting Hit from Nowhere
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Players are getting hit from nowhere and nothing, sometimes taking up to 20 cuts, and almost always impossible to bandage.


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Windows 10 x64
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There is no remarkable pattern, just by walking and jumping you can take damage.
Needs to relog on server to be able to bandage.

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Check your footwear, now it wears down and if it is completely damaged your feet can get hurt or cut

Data collected from player MrAkenatom / Konigs Tiger
"I was running at night with a roadflare in my hands, and some player in the chat pulled the CR-527 with the scope to see me better. Me and him started to bleed."

Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.Jun 27 2019, 3:02 PM

Running without shoes (or wearing ruined shoes) causes cuts, so does sliding down ladders without gloves (or wearing ruined gloves).

mtcolleoni added a comment.EditedJun 27 2019, 3:09 PM

@Beavis The comment above from MrAkenatom, they just have spawned, and the another player was crouched. I'm getting more data from other players that play in the same community, some of them is trying to reproduce the bugs on the Official servers, and we are going to record every step of those bugs.

boina added a subscriber: boina.Jun 27 2019, 5:40 PM

When I fought a zombie and started bleeding, every hit of the zombie gave me a random number on the bleeding icon. Example: First hit 5 cuts, second hit 8 cuts and another hit gave me 18 cuts. Light falls of 2 meters high, also appeared the random bleeding.

Running without shoes (or wearing ruined shoes) causes cuts, so does sliding down ladders without gloves (or wearing ruined gloves).

The point is that you can't bandage this bleed, you just bleed to death. It's not like sliding down ladders.

This is a BUG. Try to holding breath while sighting with a gun, probably you will bleed (not really, just visually).

I can hold breath without bleeding ( or looking like I am ) .. verify your files and check the first to boxes on the pop up window.
I saw this yesterday on Modded server, today not issue as mods have mostly been updated

Two weapons not working

I have played 15-20 hours since 1.04 went live and nothing of the above has happened to me or anyone I have played with. Have you all verified game files on steam after the update? Skipping that can and will often cause very strange issues. Do you play on a modded or vanilla server? Public or private hive?

@Beavis of course we do all those steps in every new dayz major update. I'll post some new experienced issues!


I find a way to reproduce the bug and recorded my gameplay (That i will post soon as possible), it seems to be only occurring on private / community servers. I've tryed on three private / community servers and two official servers and thats the result.
In those private servers i have made a new fresh spawn character, looked for the first height that can make me damage and jumped... Everytime i jump from those heights, i take damage and with bonus almost 20 cuts, and if i jump again those numbers may change or disappear... Last night my friend took damage from a CR-75 and fall from a height that make him damage... the cuts have been disappear but his blood still dripping. Without any cut, he wasn't able to do any bandage and he died from blood loss.

The following video was recorded by a member from our community named "Vini *Winx*".

Fair enough! I read some reports about barbed wire mounted on gates getting bugged and invisibly injure players.

If it is a modded server there could be issues with one or more mods.

No mods on those tested servers 100% vanilla... Today i'll test in a local server pure vanilla to see if it happens!