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Cannot stand from crouched position
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In the new exp 1.04... I was looting Pavlovo military base, with an KA-74 in my hands. Whenever I crouch inside the barracks, I am unable to stand up. I had to put away my weapon and hold right mouse button, to raise my hands, which made me stand. This only seems to happen inside the barracks.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go to Pavlovo military base, and crouch inside one of the barracks. Pressing x to stand doesn’t work. I tested with a KA-74 in my hands, although you may not need this to reproduce.

Additional Information

I have not rebound my keys. My crouch button is still X

Although it seems minor, not being able to stand quickly in a military hotspot, is a big issue, if you ask me.

You could avoid it by not crouching, but this will attract zombies. I think this bug could get a lot of people killed.

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