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Syndikat Polo Shirt - Broken Arms
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Bandit Clothes (Polo Shirt) causes the users arms to change ethnicity to caucasian and overrides whatever head is selected, legs are unaffected

The arms seem to be a specific very skinny model that doesn't even match the body for most Caucasian faces nor appear on any other uniform.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Update 1903
Steps To Reproduce

Start Arma 3
Go to Arsenal/Editor
Spawn a unit and equip the Bandit Clothes (Polo Shirt)
Preview Scenario or view in arsenal

Additional Information

Some other syndikat uniforms apply a weird shine on the arms but they still obey the face ethnicity, other polo shirts work fine.

Any syndikat unit that comes pres-spawned with the uniform also has the bug, that is how I first noticed it.

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thx for the report. We will look on it.

The arms now show the correct skin tone on the dev branch, but the arm model still appears to be really skinny compared to other outfits, the wrists seem to clip into the arms

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