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Duct tape repair everything in game
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You can repair the duct tape all that is in the game to worn condition, making any repair kits unnecessary. For example, a damaged helmet you can repair with epoxy putty, but you can also repair with duct tape and how you can do this i don't know. Another example, suppressor what damaged after shots and only one thing can repair that it's maybe gun cleaning kit, no it's duct tape. Even a hatchet can be repaired with a duct tape, although it is obviously only one thing can repair this it's sharpening stone. And there are so many examples like clothes, backpacks, weapons, some scopes and much more things can be repaired with duct tape to worn condition.


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4NDRO1D created this task.Jun 17 2019, 4:59 PM
4NDRO1D updated the task description. (Show Details)Jun 17 2019, 5:03 PM
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This is 100% intentional. But I agree, it needs balancing. Especially with the unlimited duct tape glitch.

Repairing an axe can make sense though, because I envisage the duct tape around the handle.

Has anybody ever used epoxy putty? Like I say, balance.. and I believe it’s coming.

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Aug 29 2019, 12:40 PM

The problem is urgent. But before this problem can be eliminated, it is necessary to change the concept of wear of a weapon or its parts. The player gets severe wear after using 2-3 cartridges. If there are reasons affecting the rapid wear of parts of a rifle or pistol, there should be indicators warning of this effect - barrel overheating or the like. At this point in time, natural wear does not look natural - very fast wear on silencers and pistols.
A weapon cleaning kit is for the most part wear prevention rather than repair. The cleaning kit may run out of oil and paper, the player must be able to fill out the cleaning kit.

Stigandr added a subscriber: Stigandr.EditedAug 29 2019, 3:09 PM

Duct tape is one of the worst abuses in the game. Someone took the saying, "duct tape fixes anything" way too far. I can see duct tape being used for certain packs, like drybags and sacks. I can even see duct tape being used to repair a hammer handle, which you can't repair a hammer at all now, and I can even understand the use of it on a hatchet or ax handle, or a shovel(which also can't be repaired now). But, duct tape shouldn't repair some of those items at much as a sharpening stone does. While it makes perfect sense that you should be able to replenish a weapon cleaning kit, there's no way to parse out individual use of items within a kit without major overhaul, too much overhaul because it would drastically increase chances of bugs and problems. It's far easier to simply say, you use a weapons cleaning kit to repair/clean the weapon and it uses a % of the kit. Once done, you replace the kit, it works, and it's simple. Now on the wear of weapons, the more you go auto with a weapon, the faster wear accrues. I've gone single shot or (semi) with my weapons and wear is very slow. Also, once you start having to repair any item that has use durability, it will reach a point where it has to be repaired more often, and this is as it should be. There is a balance between reality and game mechanic restrictions. You go for reality as much as possible, until you meet game mechanic restrictions, and then try to find a way to balance it. The wear on weapons is fine, suppressors could use a bit of a tweak to improve durability, but again, way too many people are going full auto with suppressors and getting upset because their suppressors get damaged fast or just breaks. If you're going full auto, there's no reason you'd actually use a suppressor. I've had the same suppressor on my FX-45 since I obtained both. It's reached badly damaged once, and I've put well over 200 rounds through it. Use these things properly and they last longer. The only urgent thing about this is that duct tape needs to be reduced in what it can repair.