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Gun not visible on vanilla server
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I was playing on DayZ Village server a Vanilla server and I approached someone who had nothing in his hands and he shot me with raised hands. I have never had this experience yet and I have heard more reports from people who have had this but I always thought it was on modded servers. This really makes me distrust everything in this game, please make this a high priority to fix. How can I ever trust someone if this bug is in the game? Please make this a high priority!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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High priority @Geez
This goes along with the weapon switching animation bugs, where the IK poses become a mess after switching weapons using the hotbar (from one weapon holstered to another into your hands?) while standing or moving.

it might be reproducible that way? but not sure. I believe it's to do with client-server synchronization since the person wielding the gun does not notice that he has nothing in his hands.

Refer to T139814
for the IK issues. (especially disable the UAction of Jumping while in the raised weapon state, to stop the major issues like these arising)

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Hello BarelyInfected.
Have you experienced this issue on the latest version as well?