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HEAT Round penetration
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An APDS round from a GM6 Lynx can easily penetrate a Military cargo tower wall with a penetration depth value of 57mm meanwhile a HEAT round from a MAAWS with a penetration depth value of 499mm can't penetrate Military cargo tower walls.HEAT rounds are meant to penetrate thick armor of tanks and yet it can't penetrate relatively thin military tower steel walls.This is significant when there are enemies hiding inside structures made out of these similar metal walls.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home v1903
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

1.Start Arma 3
2.Go to Editor
3.Place down a Military Cargo Tower
4.Place an OPFOR soldier inside the tower close to one of the tower hatches
5.Place a BLUFOR soldier outside the tower and edit his loadout and arm him with a MAAWS launcher with HEAT rounds
6.Play as the BLUFOR soldier and use the MAAWS launcher and launch a HEAT rocket at the steel wall in front of the OPFOR soldier
7.OPFOR soldier survives, the thin steel tower wall stops a HEAT round!!

Additional Information

Doesn't penetrate other steel objects in the game as well

Also, No HEAT round in the game is able to penetrate thin steel tower walls,not just HEAT 75 from MAAWS.

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Sorry man, but i'm not a moderator, admin or developer

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@Asphronix You need to clarify the conditions to reproduce it.
If the target is close to the wall (~ 0-40cm), it does not receive damage from HEAT penetration.
If the target is farther from the wall (~ 40-70cm), it receives damage from HEAT penetration.

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It seems it is because how Fuses are designed in HEAT Rounds which is how it is supposed to be.


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