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DayZ Stable - Small/Large Tenement buildings currently spawn no (or little?) loot
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Currently the small and large tenement buildings in DayZ spawn no loot. These particular buildings should be able to spawn loot again to make these areas - particularly Dubky/Vysotovo/Novoselki, worth visiting. Otherwise these buildings are nothing but wasted performance on the client hardware.

Can the team look into perhaps adding items, maybe some valuable items like tents again, into the CLE for these buildings? It would make for very interesting game play encounters again like in the beginning of the Alpha.


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Lex added a subscriber: Lex.May 21 2019, 5:58 PM

I wrote reported it in this ticket T137856

Currently waste of time going in. So little loot in them. Be lucky if I find one item.

Cravez added a subscriber: Greensek.EditedFeb 4 2020, 10:41 PM


Hi Geez. I was talking to Adam on his live stream today about this and he said it could be viable to add a small amount of loot spawn points in these buildings if the loot was valuable enough, as looting for something like clothes wouldn't be worth creating the spawn points for buildings this big.

As such adding a couple of loot spawn points could be added to these buildings and make the following valuable items spawn in them as suggestions:

• Tents: Medium Tent & Car Tent
• Cooking Items: Gas Stove & Cooking Pot
• Base-building items: Box of Nails & Combination Lock
• Tools: Sledgehammer, Pliers & Hammers
• Civilian Weapons: IJ-70, CR-75, Kolt 1911, IZH43, BK-18 & their relative ammo and magazines. (In the future adding the Recurve Bow, Derringer .45, P1 9x19, Sporter .22 & Trumpet .22 to this pool)
• Melee Weapons: Kitchen Knife, Steak Knife & Baseball Bat

I believe a mixture of these items would make the tenement buildings worth looting again, especially adding the tents. They were a dedicated spawn for tents in the past and created good encounters for players.

Could you please look into assigning this ticket to the team for further discussion? Thanks.

@Geez Hi Geez. Has there been any further look into this ticket and T137856 for adding loot back to these buildings?

botcser added a subscriber: botcser.Jul 9 2022, 2:07 PM


Tenement buildings, loot please!!!