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game closes and restarts itself after attempting to join local LAN server
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on attempt to join my local LAN server, this happens:

  • everything seems to be loading as usual
  • the text "spawning in .. seconds" appears
  • it counts to about 12 or 13 and then the game closes
  • game starts itself back up again
  • i have to join the server as usual
  • everything goes fine

this shows up in the RPT:
22:39:51 !!! File "dz\Worlds\ChernarusPlus\data\scenes\intro.ChernarusPlus\init.c" does not exist...
22:40:09 !!! File "mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarusplus\init.c" does not exist...
22:40:17 --- Termination successfully completed ---

the entire RPT is very small and only has some "loading inputs" entries.

this situation happens every single time i attempt to join my local LAN server after starting the game no matter if the server has not been terminated after my last attempt to join.

all of the problems mentioned above do not occur when no launch parameters are used.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Error Message
Steps To Reproduce
  • start the game
  • join local LAN server ( via external IP address or local IP does not make a difference )
  • wait
  • game closes after freezing on 12 or 13 second mark ( as shown by "spawning in ... seconds" )
  • wait
  • game opens itself again
  • join local LAN server
  • everything goes fine
Additional Information

server is running on same machine as client. client and server have been downloaded through Steam.

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Hello nelis1846.
Does the LAN server have BattlEye client enabled? And are you launching the game through the executable by any chance, rather than through Steam/Launcher?

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This same thing happens to me when I try to join any official server. I verified the game files, removed every dayz profile related files via verify prompt and manually using file explorer and reinstalled the game (uninstalled first and then removed manually every DayZ related file).

I don't have mods installed, I don't have launch parameters set, game is in default state and every time I try to join servers game just restarts. Log files say the exact same thing.

I have tried to launch DayZ via launcher and directly, neither works. Launcher won't start the game at all, only gives error popup saying I have too little resources available etc. In battleye section inside the launcher there's an log message stating that BE blocked Dayz_BE.exe from running which seems weird and insane.

Hello nelis1846.
Does the LAN server have BattlEye client enabled? And are you launching the game through the executable by any chance, rather than through Steam/Launcher?

hello Geez,

yes the LAN server has Battleye enabled ( i do not know how to disable it. if you do, please let me know ).
i am launching the game via the executable but launching it via the launcher results in the same thing.

although starting the game directly through steam ( without the launcher ) results in normal expected behaviour even with launch parameters set through the launch options in steam for DayZ.

Geez added a comment.May 20 2019, 3:26 PM

hello nelis1846.
If you use the DayZ_BE.exe executable instead of the DayZ_x64.exe, do you experience the issue as well? As the DayZ_x64.exe launches the game without BattlEye client, and when you would attempt to connect to a server with BattlEye enabled, this would result in the game restarting with the client running.
Also, you can switch off BattlEye on the server with the following parameter in the server configuration file

BattlEye = 0;



i can confirm that using DayZ_BE.exe fixes the problem. i thank you for your time and help.

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