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ADS In/Out transition issues (& small weapon collsion snippet)
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This bug really ruins the fluidity and smoothness of DayZ gunplay for me.

When you go to ADS using click RMB, or SHIFT/MMB instantly when holding RMB
The transition to ADS is super janky, rough, fast, and non-fluid.

(since the gun is lowered it's super quick!)

When raising gun directly to ADS (using click RMB, etc.), the default view camera follows the gun ADS camera way to quickly, when it's still in the process of being raised

This makes it janky, clunky, and unpleasant for combat. I think the camera transition to ADS should be much slower, up until the gun is fully raised; so it feels more smooth & fluid.

Even in scopes, the speed of ADS is much too fast and unauthentic. There should be more inertia before entering the view of the scope, especially considering the weight of these weapons.

The transition out of ADS, especially within high magnification scopes like the PU Scope is once again super fast and janky. Especially when doing it in Third person view as shown below
A slower and smoother transition for all of these would be such a great QoL change :)

@Geez This is the biggest example of ADS speed times for transitions in/out that is the most frustrating

This along with the very sensitive weapon collision which points straight to the air, as soon as your barrel touches the wall is very bad design and annoying.

(it should be more gradual like EFT; where it the more the end of the barrel starts to collide with geometry the more inward/outward it goes out)



Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Try clicking just RMB with a gun in your hand

(watch the janky camera transition to ADS)

you can do same with SHIFT/MMB instantly while holding RMB

Additional Information

In EFT, the ADS transitions for iron sights/red dots, and scope optics is much nicer :)
I would love to have them like this.

Normal ADS Transitions:

Scope Transitions: (skip to 20 seconds in)

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