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Fences gone
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Hello, My friends and I managed to build a completely closed base with a couple of towers in the official server FL 2-6 some months ago. Yesterday I discovered half of the walls around our tents and barrels dissapeared. No loot, tent or barrel (or the car we have inside the base) dissapeared. Not even the stashed stuff in the ground near or inside the base. Some days ago the only door we had, lost its lock and transformed into another fence. But the current problem let our base completely unprotected. The place where we built the base is almost completely flat and surrounded by trees, in the forest. No fight or shots near the location (at least when we were around) has happened. The fences had camo net and some of them had barbed wire as well. We had built a similar base in the same spot before the persistency patch and it completely dissapeared in a second after a server crash. My friends won't play the game anymore until you finally fix this persistency issues. I hope not getting to that point as well because I really love the game.
Hope this helps.


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Windows 10
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PC version 1.02