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LAR spawns with nothing on it and mags empty 100% of the time
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the LAR spawns with nothing (stocks and all) and the mags spawn empty 100% of the time..


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Weapon Stabilization

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Hello theclassifiedrebel.
Does this issue occur across all the servers or have you been experiencing this issue on a specific server only?

Geez added a comment.Apr 4 2019, 5:04 PM

Also, the issue with the LAR spawning without attachments has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix. However, we have been unable to produce the issue with empty magazines so far.

it was still commented out in the spawnable types file so I changed that and the mag in type quanitymin and max were -1 so I changed that as well and they now spawn with random amounts and the LAR I have not found in game yet to confirm it is fixed yet but I am sure it will be. As for the server info it should be all dedicated servers since the server files on steam are not correct but people may have done what I did and just changed it, but wanted you guys to know so it could be fixed on your end as well.

In my types.xml, in the server files directly from Steam, the "Mag_FAL_20Rnd" has <quantmin>10</quantmin> and <quantmax>70</quantmax>.

Are you by any chance using an old mission folder, @theclassifiedrebel?

nope, just the regular one. I had to delete and reinstall everything just to get to refuel the car.

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