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Name Change Error - Name does not change
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Was booted from a server that I had successfully played on prior. The boot message stated "Change name from survivor to play on this server". Last night my name was fine, today my name is the same but the server thinks it is the same. I've changed my name in game, in the game-provided launcher, in the DayzSA launcher, in the steam properties > set launch options menu. Nothing changes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Have name set in every place

Attempt to join server

Additional Information

I have seen a lot of mentions of this but no solution.

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Hello StanTheDanMan.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you about this issue as the feature to kick players based on their name is a part of some mod. Please contact the server administrators to resolve the issue with them.

If you just play DayZ straight through steam:

  • right click DayZ in your library
  • select properties
  • click the Launch Parameters button
  • type "-name=YourName" without the quotes and change YourName to your desired name.

If you use the DayZSA Launcher (the 3rd part one)

  • Click Settings
  • type your desired name in the InGame Name field

If you use the Official DayZ Launcher:

  • Go into the Parameters section
  • Select "All Parameters" tab.
  • Find the field that says Profile Name
  • Check the box and type your name in the field beside it

@Geez maybe close this ticket cause obsolete?

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