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The position of the weapon - raised, the way to control the action.
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The right mouse button works well for short-term use applicable to any weapon. But it is not convenient when circumstances require you to be ready for a shot for a long time.
Add control to the "raise weapon" action. Need the ability to keep the weapon ready for action without holding the right mouse button. A way to add a key by one press to raise or lower the weapon.
When it is necessary not to concentrate on pressing the right mouse button, it is not convenient and often causes hand fatigue. Especially when you need to hold the key for a long time, more than 2-3 shots. The player may feel numbness of the finger on the right mouse button and fatigue of the hand.It should not cause effort or the need to hold down any keys when the situation requires it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1809
Steps To Reproduce

Take any rifle with a sight. Try for some time (10-20 min) to control any sector, changing the view of the eye to the left, to the right, move between the houses and inside the premises while holding the weapon at the ready.

Additional Information

It may be necessary to have a fatigue system in the game, which will affect the fatigue of the character and the ability to hold weapons at the ready. This should spend the character's fatigue in different ways, depending on the position of the character’s body with the weapon raised (the character stands, the character moves, the character sits, the character lies on the ground, and so on).

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Hello Lex and thank you for your feedback.
Your feedback has been forwarded to the designers and will be considered.

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@Geez Thank. Close the ticket because it is fixed.

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