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The 100 most important bugs/balancing issues/ missing features:
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So while playing the last few weeks i created a list of things which annoyed me most.
This will be a list sorted by bugs, balancing issues / tweaks, and missing features.

If the DEVs manage to get this little list done, i think the game would be very close to where it should be.
I dont say this list is complete, but i am sure it has a big part of the most important topics on it.


  • zombies can run trough garage doors
  • sound: often shots cannot be heared by all players in vicinity. Try out to run around with a few mates and listen to firefights, often shots cannot be heard by some, even if you are next to each other.
  • sound: automatic fire sound is overlapping, sounding strange from the distance.
  • there is still a short freeze (~1sec), i think when someone enters your network bubble. Its for all players the same in the area.
  • tents can only be placed on 100% flat areas, which makes them quite useless
  • you cannot drink from natural water sources at the moment
  • when prone and you start to use your scope you always aim way lower then it should be.
  • loot cycling is still a thing. Example: Loot a military tent completly empty, leave the area for 5minutes, come back. -> Fresh loot. This works for all buildings.
  • bad FPS in Towns like electro, especially on high popped servers with some action. Mostly near policebase, firestation, towncenter. Also low GPU useage in towns
  • weapon collision at open or broken windows is bugged, you cannot aim trough anymore.
  • Barrels often cannot be closed and therfor not transported
  • the "open door" option cannot be seen nor used when a lot of items are lying nearby
  • MP5s often spawn with a bugged magazine (you cannot detach it, nor attach anotherone)
  • sometimes you switch for your weapon to a melee item but still have the aimcross hud of the gun, also it may happen that other see you shooting with your gun while you think you are knifing.
  • you cannot really see if someone wiggles free from beeing restraint.
  • weapons often show in wrong directions out from the back, eg. from another players view. Especially if you use hotbar to switch inbetween different long guns. ->
  • there is blood even you hit somone on the ballistic vest and they are not bleeding
  • new inventory UI has very bad FPS
  • new inventory UI everything is too big, you have to scroll a lot once you have backpack/vest, eg.
  • new inventory UI often doesnt let you access vicinity countainers like a barrel, without closeing all other interactions first (tanning, coloring,...)
  • Persistence might work now due a workaround (Safety net), but it would be great if you can fix the real problems behind it (obvious one, right?)
  • if you are prone and aim trough your scope it is always misaligned too low instead of where your gun aimed before.
  • when running out of stamina it often feels like lagging for a moment, also when fast climbing ladders
  • you cannot see the queue number if you connect via connect command (dayz SA launcher for example)
  • servers still keep crashing quite often (also offical, non modded, max 60players)
  • server browser is still bugged in countless ways, and way too slow. This for sure scares a lot of new people away and make the refund.
  • server browser, you cannot see which server is modded and you have no chance to download the mods. Also you dont get a correct error message. New players have no chance to find out whats wrong unless google.
  • sometimes people look like just a furry ball of something. just a complete mess, nothing like human
  • some bushes look very bright green from the distance. if you get closer they blend in again normally.
  • other players sometimes seem laggy and slightly teleporting
  • PA system doesnt work with new VON codec
  • handcuffs are often floating 1meter next to where they should be, if applied to a person
  • weather is sometimes not synced to other players
  • running over a small obstacle (stone, tree stump) while running downhill makes you do a big jump forward which can end in big injuries or death.
  • running uphill on steep slopes is too fast (ye i know in early versions it was way too slow, but please find a good feeling middle)
  • often items are on the ground or in some containers which a friend of mine already took. i see them but cannot take it.
  • adding bullets on stashes often doesnt refrest the bullet count on new inventory UI
  • you cannot attach the hunting scope on a mosin.
  • cars still often spawn halfway stuck in the surface
  • inside a lot of houses you can jump on some obstacles or a friend and watch trough the ceiling, or even go up on the next floor trough the floor.
  • if you drink poisonous liquids even after vomitting so your stomach gets full you can empty everything without further problems (you can drink a whole jerrycan of fuel for example)

Balancing / Tweaking / Improving:

  • increase durability of base fences and towers. For now everyone can break in within 1-2minutes. Also make it damage the tools in progress of breaking in
  • make a 4 digit code instead of 3 digit code lock. Brute forcing for now takes only max. 20minutes. Also make a special pull open action once you think you got the right code typed in.
  • make the base fences a bit higher so at least 2 people cannot jump on top of each other and hop in within 10seconds
  • global loot economy: for now it is impossible to find any military loot in civilian areas and i think visa verca. Please add a low chance to find everything everywhere so looting civilian buildings gets interesting and surprising again.
  • pristine handcuffs should take much longer to break open or not at all.
  • ropes, duct tape also should take longer to wiggle free from. Maybe 3-4 minutes.
  • some weapons, especially pistols or SMGs (FNX, MP5,...) are still too weak, they deal too less damage BUT the weapon damage system already got greatly improved at 1.01, thanks for that.
  • blunt objects too often win against knifes in melee combat, which is not too realistic.
  • health is regaining too fast on each own. the whole health system isnt balanced/ready yet i guess
  • weapons jamming too often, even in worn state. Could be generally reduced by 60%
  • If you have switch rifle or any other item via hotkeys, please also let them go to their previous slots and not just exchange them with the switched item.
  • weapon collision range is a bit too far/big, it should be shortend. also keep in mind that you can normally take back your rifle a little bit if you are too close to a wall. So the activation range should rather be too less than too big, as it is right now.
  • weapon collision should be more accurate not just from the front, but also to the sides. it activates too early near a corner, tree, fence...
  • you should not move forwards when melee fighting, this part is fundamentally broken.
  • you should not move backwards when melee fighting, this part is fundamentally broken.
  • heavily geared ppl should not be able to sprint the same speed than a complete fresh spawn.
  • sprinting speed should be lowered by 10-20% (as soon as more vehicles are avaliable) AND/OR Momentum should be increaed. It is still possible to zig-zag a lot.
  • kuru in real has more average than 10 years incubation time, maybe balance it that kuru kicks in only after 2-4 hours after you ate human flesh. (and not always, but at a random chance)
  • there should be a FOV slider in the options. especially FPP can be uncomfortable for a lot because too low FOV.
  • Controls: Please bring 2x W and similar combinations back for running. The pinky finger starts hurting from pressing shift constantly.


  • Bipods / Weapon Resting also without bipod
  • Bayonets
  • Melee with guns
  • ragdoll, best with some natural motion (example:
  • explosives and throwables, grenades, spears eg.
  • RPGs (hopefully very rare though)
  • NVGs (not just the optics for rifle)
  • bows and crossbows
  • checking pulse and health status (weak, fast, irregular,...) to apply the correct meds like epistick or morphine,...
  • fishing
  • rabbits and snare traps
  • pen & paper (please! adds so much to the game)
  • radiation zones and working NBC suits
  • catching rain with bottles / cooking pot
  • broken / fractured limbs and splints
  • climbing / vaulting
  • barricading
  • workbenches for advanced crafting
  • desinfecting wounds continiously so you dont get infections
  • birds which get scared and fly off if somone gets nearby
  • sickness high temperature
  • helicopters / planes
  • cylces / motorbikes / boats
  • of course old guns still missing
  • dragging handcuffed / unconsious / dead players
  • blood trails on the ground if someone who was heavily bleeding moved (check goreZ mode)
  • without a 3rd party tool you cannot find out which servers are running which mods and you dont even get a proper error message.
  • shooting from vehicles
  • drugs/alcohol


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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zombies can run trough garage doors
MP5s often spawn with a bugged magazine (you cannot detach it, nor attach anotherone)

Changelogs of Experimental version says it has been fixed

Well, lets hope so! Its a good start :)

You were promising 100 in the title. You did not deliver ;-)

How do you define "most important"?

I summed some up in one line, thats why ;-)
Most important in the meaning of:

  • most noticable
  • which most people complain about
  • which me and my group of 4 mostly realised and ran in to.
  • which can destroy gameplay sometimes (like how someone locked me in a room by placing 10 items in front of the door, so i didn’t get the door open action anymore)

Btw. even some of the bugs could be removed with the latest versions, you also introduced a few new ones :)

Any chance of fixing the new bugs which appeared in the newest stable?

  1. You can now loot trough walls while in inventory
  2. Binocs and co not working
  3. You get stuck below milbase camo nettings
  1. to add to the newly introduced bugs: you often cannot open canned tuna

@mofokrazi Please create one ticket for one problem :)