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newest EXP (7th februrary) - Feedback summary, list of bugs:
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  1. Inventory UI way too big. you need to scroll a lot if you have backpack, vest, eg.
  2. minus 10fps as normal at electro towncenter, near officebuilding/supermarket/tent/guardhouse
  3. F5 gets you in a bugged animation. hands come down after half a second again
  4. inventory: drag for example your hoodie with items in vicinity, you will see it twice. 1 time in vicinity 1 time still at you.
  5. just shot a dude with makarov 3 times in the chest, he kept on happily slaughtering me with his hatchet.
  6. could you change that we drop items 30cm in front again and not directly stand or lie at them when dropping in vicinity?
  7. you dont see the max slot number of your clothings anymore
  8. VON glitched out. i heared all ok for a while, suddenly i dont hear anyone anymore, not even my mate.
  9. VON is quite often glitched. only a reconnect helps to fix it. else you dont hear anything.
  10. just did a test, shot a dude 5 times in the stomach with scorpion, until he at least got healt status red.... he didnt go unconsious, i dont think this is properly balanced yet. (he only had a leather jacket)
  11. also just tested a headshot with shotgun (bucks), the dude survived it.
  12. health is still regaining too fast, without any need of cleaning wounds or risk of getting a wound infected, eg.
  13. a handcuffed dude had the handcuffs floating 1 meter next to him
  14. guns are jamming too often, even in worn state.
  15. Infected death animations at a distance were bugging out
  16. you can still jump in any base or destroy any base within a minute. AND guess the only 3 digit lockcode within max 30minutes.
  17. could you make sicknesses / wound system, similar to 0.62, so you have to desinfect wounds, it you need medicine so you regain health after beeing injured, and so on?


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Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.EditedFeb 7 2019, 10:59 AM

Good collection, I can add and comment on some:
1 Agree! I would like the UI to be possible to scale, including font size for server messages etc.
5 Normal though, Makarov is a weak gun and if you don't hit the guy's heart three bullets will just make him bleed.
6 Agree!
7 Correct. Very annoying!
8 and 9. Have not experienced this myself.
11 Gods below, how can the shotgun be so hard to get right?
12 Agree! There is no need for medical items currently.
14 Not having that problem.
15 Not seen this.
16 Combination locks should not snap open automatically when dialing through, in reality you only need to test 100 combinations. Make it dial all three and then press F or something to actually open the lock. And add stronger 5-digit locks as exist in a mod.

17 Agree!

And adding to the list:

18 STILL not getting sick from eating raw meat. I've gobbled down raw chicken, beef, pig, venison and various piles of guts. Not once have I become sick.

19 Zombies are tanking a wee bit too many bullets, they sometimes even survive 2 or more headshots. Good that they are actually a threat, but they should not become unrealistic bullet sponges. Better there are more of them and have them beat down doors...

Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.EditedFeb 7 2019, 11:32 AM
  1. Agree.
  1. Nope.
  1. I killed a guy with 2 shotgun buckets.
  1. Same.
  1. I killed a guy with 2 shotgun buckets.
  1. Known issue.