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health bug when playing with and without revive system?
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look video. The problem is that the player has a different state of life with the revive system turned on and off. If the revive is turned off, the player remains having a life of "1" (100%) and remains alive at a loss of 0.99 (0.01% of life).
And if you turn on the revive system (basic or dynamic), then the player "dies and enters the wait stage of the revive" with a maximum of 0.42 damage. That is, the player's life when playing with revive system is equal to 0.42 instead of 1.
If this is done by you, then why does a player with a revive have a life of 42%, why not 53 or 74?)) And if this is a bug, then please fix it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
sorry for google-english but sure on video the problem is visible
(transition to revive state begins with 58% of life)

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This is not a bug. When the revive system is on the damage system works differently, the damage that you are setting is not equal to the amount of HP you have left, the damage is there so that different effects can take place like the breathing or the damaged textures.

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you say that when playing without reviving, the players have one damage, and when playing with revive - another ???