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DayZ Village - The Wall wiped | Date/Time with the location of areas effected
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We've been building a wall on The Village server which I've heard you're monitoring. Today the server crashed twice. Once at 23:53 , the server then restarted at 00:00 and crashed again at 00:07 GMT.

During this period two sections of the wall were missing. A little bit in Berezino and another inbetween Gorka and Stary. I've made a 1-1 replica of the wall on a backdrop of the DayZ map to show which parts were wiped and then compared it to the map with 12 persistence files sections and they match.

Hopefully this along with the logs you're receiving from the server admin you'll be able to gain some useful data from it.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bit
End Game - Gameplay
Steps To Reproduce

Build in each 12 sections of the map

Wait for server crash

Check to see if your section has been wiped

Additional Information

Sections of the wall missing

Compared with the 12 files

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