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Cutting body causes gear left on body to teleport to dead player's last login position
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Died to a landmine and my partner cut up my body without removing much gear/clothing from it. With my new character, I happened to walk past the position where I had logged in with my previous character (the one that died to a landmine). There was a pile of my previous character's possessions sitting on the ground there (clothing, with items inside, and gun). Not a coincidence, as this was far from a normal spawn location, and it was an unusual outfit.

Tested this by accident a second time - was shot by bandits, who cut up my body, presumably without removing all gear. As a fresh spawn, I checked the spot where I logged in as my now-dead character. Clothing and items from my previous life were piled at the spot (gloves, helmet, Santa bead :') ).

It looks like cutting up a body that is wearing gear, forces the gear to teleport to another location. This location seems to be set as the position where the now-dead player last logged in. Perhaps it is meant to be the position where they died, instead.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
latest regular updated version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Remember/record location where you spawn in (when e.g. rejoining a server after disconnect)
  2. Die
  3. Have friend/enemy cut up body, without removing all items from body
  4. Check location from step 1 in a timely manner
Additional Information

Both observed instances of this happened in the vicinity of Klen mountain, on The Village server. Maybe it's just Klen magic. Probably not though. I don't recall if server crashes were particularly frequent then.

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Hello supermacro and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue, it has been fixed internally and will be fixed on Steam in the future.

madyb added a subscriber: madyb.Jan 29 2019, 6:54 PM

Can confirm. This happens on official servers as well. Not specific to the "Village" server. Same steps produce the same result. I know you already acknowledged it but just in case you needed more intel.