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Dead character respawns again & reverted to a state back ~2 minutes back [build: 150192]
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It happened to me like 4 times now in 1.0.

When I got killed and exit the server (not respawn) to the lobby and then I enter the game again but with a predefined character chosen from the list in lobby and pressing "Start".


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

It is like 50% of chance to reproduce and it seems it is occurring only once per each character spawn as it has never occurred twice on same character.

Die by being shot by someone or get eaten by zeds.
Instead of "Respawn" press "Exit" to go to the lobby.
Choose from the list of characters the one you created and played with
Press "Play" and join the last server played.
You will notice that your killed character is alive and put back in time 2 minutes.

Additional Information

NL/DE/PL official serve rs, private shard.

Got shot in 3 out of 4 instances of this bug, 1 time out of 4 got eaten by zeds.
Hasn't occurred at all when clicked on "Respawn" instead of "Exit".
Hasn't occurred at all when forgot to choose a predefined character.
I think that in each case pressinig "Play" connected me with different server but I am not 100% sure (I suppose as my recent bug got me to HC server and I died on 3rd person server.

In each time I got put back in time for like 2 minutes, longer than when typical server restart occurs.

Possibly a server crash but it would be a quite coincidence that it happens just after I got shot by a player or eaten by zeds.

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Hello Rebeliant and thank you for the report.
Have you experienced this behaviour again since reporting this ticket?

Not yet but I do not get killed so often. I think that it is the way I use GUI, as my fiends haven't gotten this bug yet but they are not so pedantic about your character looks.

Any ways to log my gameplay so I sent more precise info?

I will surely die, but currently my char died and resurrected so I need to die, resp fresh and die again in combat. It may take a while.

Hi @Geez

I've just done that again. Issue still exists. Last (4th) occurrence last Sunday, today 5th time of that bug.

And I think is it possible to replicate this bug not only using a pre-set character.

Have got some screenshots but I do not think they are necessary.

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