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shame on you .... A persistence like that in 2019, it should not be salable.
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At each start, there are bases / map portions that disappear, it is no longer possible: /
Why go to 1.0 a sibugged version? 'ets hell for us other admin :: !!!
At each restart I go around the map ...
Stop sales I do not know, stop the massacres !!!!
Or correct the server !!!!


Operating System
Windows 7
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stop and start server !!!!! Shame on you....

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It is not possible to continue like this, we can not take pleasure to play like that, you will ruin this magnificent game!

Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.EditedJan 17 2019, 7:59 PM

The developers are unable to reproduce this issue, that's why it's difficult to fix.
Upload your logs and corrupt stores.
Are you certain you are stopping the server gracefully using e.g. TASKKILL?
If it works you should be getting a result like this:

SUCCESS: Sent termination signal to the process "xxxx.exe" with PID xxxx.
--- Termination successfully completed ---

If you receive "SUCCESS: The process "xxxx.exe" with PID xxxx has been terminated" then you are forcefully terminating the server which breaks the shutdown process.

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Hello LArtDesChOiX.
The issue is being looked into internally and we are working on resolving the issue for the future versions.