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Close-range aiming mechanics
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I'll preface this by saying that I do like the mechanic that prevents you from standing too close to things and aiming, however, this feature should probably be more discretionary or modified so that we are able to melee with the gun in our hands. The reason I'm reporting this is because I was on my way to help @Geez test another bug I reported as private and had almost every gun available in my inventory.

Here is the scenario and why the mechanic is currently in need of some polish:

It's night time and I am being chased by infected. I only have one battery and it's in my flashlight. I run into a house and instead of waiting for the infected who chased me to leave, I decided to take the battery from my flashlight and attach it to my pistol flashlight. I turned on the pistol flashlight, opened the door and began shooting. Soon, I was overwhelmed and backed against a wall. The infected were now right on top of me, but I was unable to shoot them because at contact-distance you are no longer able to aim and shoot the pistol.

Many other times this has happened and I blamed myself, but those were all daytime situations where I was clearly being stupid. In this situation, my only source of light was on my pistol and I was unable to use it due to the involuntary state my character entered while aiming upward.


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Perhaps referencing the close-quarters combat mechanics from DOOM (2016) might inspire some ideas to make this feature more fun than it is currently. As of now, it's a feature that I believe has a place in DayZ but feels incomplete due to it putting a character in a situation in which they are "trapped" which the lead developer recently said in an interview is something he is not a fan of happening in gameplay.

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+1 In the game "Escape From Tarkov" they had the exact same issue of guns just being raised to the sky when something is in front. Of course firearms are distance weapons, but there is such a thing called the "high compressed ready" positiong which you can see in the following image:

Especially for as long as there is no gun melee, it would be nice to have some sort of workaround or remove the "gun raising" for as long as gun melee isn't in. A "High Compressed Ready" would be very nice though, once the weapon raising is implemented.

@Geez Hi Geez, is this something you're still considering or is the mechanic final, the way it is?

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