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Server Hosting Performance hit
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I have noticed that with Windows 10 1803 update KB4480966 has cause the server performance (FPS) to be cut in half not sure if others have seen this or what that update changed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Dedicated Server

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Hello theclassifiedrebel.
We have tested this issue internally but unfortunately we were unable to produce the behaviour you describe. Is there something else that could be affecting the performance on your end? And have you tried to roll the update back to check if the fps will return to previous values?

I have done a bit of digging to be sure nothing has been adjust in windows settings and as far as I can see it looks the same but hard to tell since there are so many services. I have not yet tried a roll back quiet yet but if a setting was changed a roll back will not change much but it is not the 1809 update that is going to be coming out here soon, so not sure what that will do.

Update the roll back made it worst. server getting 300fps with no players. before update empty was 2000+fps with players 1400+fps, after update empty 1300fps with players 700+fps and now after rollback empty was 300fps. After looking for updates it shows the 1809 update now so I am going to install that one and see what I get and hope that that fixes it.

I had to force a restart for getting stuck in the car again (another topic in the tracker) but after the second time I had to do that the performance went back up, now updating to 1809 so let's see.

I have notice though that every other time my server restarts the performance is half. I can even tell what the server performance is going to be at time of start up by looking at how long it take to read the mission. I have it set up that once the console window pops up it waits 70 seconds to start BattlEye and if BEC starts while the mission is still loading the server has bad performance but then I restart again and if it loads the mission and is all done and BEC has not started yet the performance is great.