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Hit Registration (2 shots w/ Mosin = no kill) & Damage system is unbalanced
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The Mosin has been doing really low damage recently. It never kills in 1 or 2 shots in my experience or other's experience most of the time.

It takes usually 3 shots to kill someone with Mosin now, sometimes 2. That's outrageous. It should at least knock people out unconscious in one shot, and kill in 2 shots, (with torso shots)

Shots to Limbs should be 2 shots to unconscious, and 3 shots to kill.

Could be hit registration too, but I highly advise you to tweak the damage zones for the Mosin, as it's way too weak right now
Even the IZH which is 7.62x39 kills faster than Mosin which is 7.62x54 (higher caliber?!)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Shoot someone with the mosin, in the torso until they die (atleast 2-3 shots to death, no uncon too?)
  1. Shoot someone with the mosin, in the limbs until they die (atleast 3 or more shots to death)
  1. Shoot someone with the mosin, in the head with a helmet (any helmet and they will survive at least 1 or 2 shots even a weak skate helmet, fix this one for sure)
Additional Information

Fix the helmet armour system. 7.62x54 rounds should not be stopped by weak motorcycle helmets and skate helmets, even for more than 2 shots?! (could be a ricochet bug where the chances are increased a lot, blocking all damage to the head? @Geez)

At least damage them, after being shot in the helmet too, and knock them unconscious

+ Fix the gunshot sounds not registering for other people, while some others can hear it. Maybe related to interiors/being indoors? Might help @Geez

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