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AI refuses to drive a vehicle if you are in the vehicle also( Noticed in Warlords multiplayer mode)
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This occurs nearly every time I attempt this in the Warlords mode on the Official Warlords multiplayer servers.

Essentially , when you obtain a vehicle, and have an AI squad- once you load up into a vehicle with them and then open your map and command them to drive somewhere, they WILL NOT do so. They typically will refuse as long as you are in the vehicle. In the past, they did not exhibit this behavior.
Something to note: In the times in the past this did work - when you ordered them to move somewhere, they would take a second, then suddenly start following orders - like it takes a second for some sort of logic to be triggered before they will take action while you are in a vehicle and they are as well(and yes, while they are in the driver position, obviously.)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1.Go into any Warlords mode online

  1. Obtain any ground vehicle(this was not tested with helicopters or boats)
  2. Get an AI squad of any number of AI.
  3. Get in to any position in the vehicle except driver.
  4. Have AI get into the vehicle
  5. Press M, go to your map, then highlight your squad's driver using the tilde keys or Fnumber keys, then click on anywhere on the map that you could drive to- does not have to be very far, but farther away than 2 feet- so they actually have a place to go to and do not just consider themselves there already.
  6. Observe that the AI will not NOT start moving the vehicle, they also WILL not acknowledge the order to move.
  7. Get out of vehicle.
  8. Start moving away from the vehicle
  9. Observe how the AI driver will , after you get a certain distance away(you don't need to run but a couple dozen meters at most for this), start driving to the location you specified.
Additional Information

When AI drivers didn't break worked in the past, the AI would acknowledge your order when you said to move to a location. This Bug occurs with them NOT giving that confirmation at all- but simply remaining silent

This also occurs if you simply pick a point in the distance and order them there by highlighting your AI and then aiming and pointing where you want them to go.
This occurs regardless of what position you are in , in a vehicle. I have tested it in Hunters, Slammers ,and Marshalls.
Occurrence is >95% of the time as of Dec/17/2018.

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I would like to add some information I have discovered while testing.

I came across the error while in the 3den Editor while producing a mission where the player and their squad is dropped off. In my testing, it seemed as long as the player held command of a squad, he held command of the vehicle he was in cargo of. When AI are commanding the squad the player is in, they appear to follow Waypoints as usual. How I discovered it is as follows in editor under vanilla conditions (Even in VR map)

Player commander of squad of any size

AI Vehicle with squad in cargo

AI Vehicle Waypoint to 'Transport Unload'

Player Squad with Waypoint 'Get Out'

AI Vehicle is under command of Player and Player can give move commands to the Driver as if in Commander seat.

AI Vehicle will: Act as normal when player is not a Squad Commander of any sort while in cargo
AI Vehicle will follow Waypoints with Player Squad in cargo, if Player is not inside Vehicle.

Hope this helps somehow.

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Thank you for the report. Does the issue still occur? I just tested the AI on the Official Warlords Servers and they work for me. I tried starting a new MP game I JIPed and the AI seems to be working fine as far as I can tell.

Are you sure you didn't do something extra or specific that could have triggered the AI's misbehaviour?

I experienced this playing on an unmodded, unofficial Warlords server yesterday. The misbehaviour was sporadic, by which I mean it works as expected one minute and then stops working for a while, and it might eventually return to normal.

The circumstances: I airdropped an AT Prowler and 2 infantry (a CLS and a repair specialist); we all boarded the vehicle. At first, from the gunner position, I was able to issue instructions to the driver via WASD keys. After some time, during which we disembarked, re-entered, and switched seats (I can't recall a specific order or quantity) my AI driver would no longer respond to WASD, but would begin to issue orders as if he had taken command. Swapping the other AI into the driver seat had the same results. In attempts to correct this I tried swapping into the driver seat myself, and disembarking all and re-entering. Nothing seemed to provide an immediate or obvious fix, but it seemed that the issue would come and go.