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Missing gunshot sounds from other players (MAJOR)
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This bug seems to be tied to specific guns spawned in on the world, or possibly brought into other servers from looting another one?

Some guns don't produce gunshot sounds for others in the world, and it seems like a widespread bug. We're probably missing out on lots of instances of people having gunfights, yet we can't hear the gunshots because of this.

Please prioritize this, and hit reg fixes soon.
(also, no gunsmoke or bullet trails coming from the gun after he sprayed his magazine into the air, at the end of the clip?)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Random but it's tied to specific guns as in:
One M4/MP5/MP133 cannot produce sounds for other players, but if you drop it, and take another gun, you will start to make gun sounds again maybe even the previous gun will make sounds again.

Additional Information

Game audio is kind of dodgy at times, even with infected, they should let out a roar to indicate being alerted or aggro'ed but sometimes they glitch and don't do it.)

also saw another instance of this bug during your dayz dev live stream as well.

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I know you assigned this already @Geez, but it seems like when the bug occurs, it comes along with some animation weapon bug. After server crash/restart it was fine, and the gun was making sounds before, but once they reached the NWAF tents, one person's gunshot sounds stopped working.

Then at the end, they died to a person, not making gunshot sounds I believe.

Geez changed the task status from Assigned to Need More Info.Jan 8 2019, 3:43 PM

Hello jamielou.007.
Have you been experiencing this issue on the 1.0 version as well?