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Infected Hit Box/Hit Registration is off | & bad issues w/ Infected AI
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(New Experimental patch as of December 12th)

#1: Infected have small inaccurate hitboxes especially for the head, or hit registration is not working correctly on them.
In some occasions, you can shoot them in the head, and they won't even get hit (no blood splat) it will just go through them?

(I'm chambering my FNX w/ ammo from my inventory, and shooting from short-medium distance for a pistol)

#2: Zombies aren't alerting to gunshot sounds in the new EXP build, compared to the old one from the 11th?
I shoot next to them, and they won't be alerted or aggro, but if I get close, they do.
(Medium pop server, was some lag?)

#3: Infected are still spawning in stuck on geometry, or running into and getting stuck on geometry (walls, doors, terrain, etc.). The only way to free themselves is if they attack you, or you punch them away from it


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Playing from the US, playing on DE Experimental server that was Medium Population.

For the hitbox/hit reg issue with zeds:

  1. Try shooting at infected heads at different distances (further I noticed nets these results)

and on different areas of the head.

For aggro'ing zombies through gunshots. (This happened on Medium pop server?, previous exp was good w/ infected alerted to gunsounds)

  1. Go into a town/city
  2. Shoot gunshots into the air or near zeds
Additional Information

Infected are still hitting you back, while you're in the process of hitting/stun-locking them
Can get a bit annoying, I rather they just take away more health or blood.

Lots of Infected also don't make a roar aggro sound before going to attack, so you're caught off guard when you're being attacked at times (yet they do the enraged/aggro'ed animation, but they don't make the sound)

You can also punch and go through Infected at times in melee (annoying, makes melee clunky)

Infected also circle around, or don't indirectly engage you during melee, and have weird pathing at times (very frustrating and annoying)

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
The issue with the stuck zombies is known and scheduled for a fix. We also have confirmed the issue with the stuck zombies having hit registration problems and the issue has been scheduled for a fix as well. As for the gunshot reaction, so far we have been able to produce the issue only with the zombies that appear to be stuck, have you experienced this issue also with zombies that wander around, rather than being stuck?

jamielou.007 added a comment.EditedDec 14 2018, 9:22 AM

Not sure, don't currently have a weapon in 1.0, but I think it was working fine, for the most part, yesterday in EXP, although not many infected were getting attracted while I was in that area of Dolina.
(The 2nd female zombie wasn't stuck, and was wandering around, however she did not aggro to the gunshot (1st clip)

1 thing that is an issue badly is the Server performance, on the official servers, and on the community servers.

  • Infected are severely slow in animations, laggy, and AI/pathing is heavily bogged down due to the under 15 Server FPS tick.
  • Players are desyncing, and teleporting around, also rubberbanding can occur

Client performance is not great, although not bad, (exp was better)

  • Lots of annoying game stutters occurring
  • I've noticed a dip in FPS?

Also, at the end of the first clip, I hope you guys are able to fix that issue with the weapon orientation being all offset and blocking your center of the screen
(Reloading when in ADS via Hotbar, causes weapon representation in point-fire to become mangled)

Geez added a comment.Jan 8 2019, 5:04 PM

Hello jamielou.007.
Have you been experiencing any of these issues on the most recent version?