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Experimental. Hesco barriers seem to despawn, are not always persistent
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Put three barriers, a car tent, three barrels and watch tower down.

As I went back and forth, two of the Hesco barriers disappeared.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Additional Information

This was on NE 0-3 (1pp) and the server DID NOT restart.

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Confirmed, this happens to me as well.

This is still happening in the latest experimental build. No server restarts, just moving out of range. Other loot on the ground like a pair of pants stayed, only the Hesco despawned. It was filled with dirt. I had 3 Hesco down, first one despawned then I went 1km away and came back and a second Hesco despawned. I don't think the despawn was in the order they were placed, but not 100% sure as one of the two, I'd dug up and moved.

If you want to check the state of them right now, it was built at the radio tower SW of Solnichniy. The two that despawned were placed either side of of the larger doors of the larger shed. (see screenshot)

I can corroborate that this also happened to me on the latest experimental branch. All other dynamically placed items remained through the night until this morning except for the wiremesh barriers. They were also filled with dirt.

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