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Headshots are broken w/ the new armor system!!! | (or Hit registration!)
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Headshots are absolutely broken w/ the new helmet armour system in DayZ right now (This is Experimental)

At least, make you go unconscious after being shot in the head, with a helmet on!!!

Seems like an armour system as body shots register almost fine, but could be hit registration as certain occasions it takes way too many shots (Like in the clip before, but can be point-fire spread)

Helmets like the motorcycle helmet or any helmet really should not tank and withstand multiple 5.56mm rounds to the brain from an M4A1, but kill you in 1-2 shots to the body.
This makes it absolutely pointless to go for headshots.

The only helmets that should only save you from one shot, but still damage you, is an armoured ballistic helmet

in this instance with the clip below, he has a skate helmet!


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take an M4A1, (and try with multiple guns too)
  2. Shoot someone in the head multiple times with all of the different helmets (motorcycle helmet in this case)

We should be able to kill someone in one shot to the head(brain) regardless of the helmet unless it's an armoured ballistic helmet, with at max, should tank 1 shot, and should make you take damage
Otherwise, what's the point of going for headshots, when you can just go for body vital shots.

As for point-shooting spread/dispersion.

Doing tests with incremental distances of
etc. and test how inaccurate the spread is for point-shooting (without the crosshair too, and after sprint)

Additional Information

Fix Point-Shooting spread before 1.0, like M1NDR says, even at a close distance like 3-5m apart, he still misses an entire spread?! (or if it's hit registration, you guys need to get on it!)

and fix some of the other things M1NDR mentions in the video clip below.

also, there's

  • Hitbox issues with zeds that are crawling
  • Animal AI is getting stuck on objects a lot
  • Melee turns into a constant turning your mouse-fest sometimes, with players and infected (hard to hit people on the ground too),
  • During rain/foggy weather (clouds), you can still see sun god rays, and shadows
  • Items floating in trees are non-retrievable after dropping them whilst in a tree
  • Reloading sounds are way too loud and audible to other players.
  • Hit Reg -

Please take a look at this DayZ team, @Geez This needs to be known, and happen beofre 1.0 release! Good luck on the release :)

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