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(Major, Reproducible) Firearm Visualization Bug breaking firearm representation & blocking screen coverage.
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This bug has surfaced ever since the introduction of weapon collision and the new input system tweaks with LSHIFT to aim.

It causes lots of misalignment in weapon orientation, blocks lots of screen space, and looks bad.

Especially in crouch position, it blocks more than 50% of your screen

Please fix, this has been since the early BETA stress test, and really hurts aiming in point-shooting, and really bad to deal with (especially with new players)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Method 1: Activate Weapon collision in ADS

  1. Go ADS
  2. Go next to any object/geometry (whilst in ADS)
  3. Weapon collision will activate, & will bug out your weapon orientation in point-aim.

Method 2: Reload whilst in ADS via Hotbar (ammo and magazines)

  1. Hotbar your ammo or magazines
  2. Go ADS
  3. Reload via Hotbar (ammo or mags)
  4. When you hold RMB to point-aim, your weapon orientation will be bugged.

**method 3 is inconsistent, and I don't know exactly how to reproduce it, but you can do it (don't know exact steps)

Method 3: Sprinting (LSHIFT), causes weapon orientation bug.
Don't know exactly how to do this but, try this...

  1. Start Sprinting using LSHIFT
  2. Let go of LSHIFT for a split second, then tap it again
  3. Hold RMB

super inconsistent but it can happen due to the new update with the input system, and how LSHIFT to ADS works, could help with finding a fix

Additional Information

think recoil needs increasing, especially with the shotgun, snipers, and IZH rifle.

and hit registration is still potentially broken, Makarov doesn't kill with a headshot, and it takes lots of shots to kill.

and there are other instances of when headshots that don't kill in one shot, even with a CR75, and using an M4A1, and they didn't have any armour on their heads (just hats)

Also, with damage system tweaks, bring back unconsciousness and shock damage to gunfights back, like .62, and no more stun-lock, rather reduced speed when hitting in vital organs, and major offset in aim (No immobilization in stopping movement)

No one like stun-lock, so for 1.0, people will hate it (including melee, better solution, like being pushed back, and melee aim offset)