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Teleporting/Glitching out when prone looting corpses.
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I've been playing Experimental a lot recently, and whenever I kill someone and try to loot their corpse, (in prone position) it becomes very frusterating/annoying.

Since going prone to loot over a corpse, it puts your character over the corpse, and it glitches/teleport you while finding the perfect spot.

I would prefer if there wasn't any collision, structure, or geomeotry on the corpse. because it doesn't spawn issues like this.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a dead player corpse
  2. Go prone to loot them
  3. Move around and into it
  4. It feels very buggy, glitchy, and not smooth for looting bodies (old system was looting corpses worked much better where there was no collision/geometry on corpses)
Additional Information

inclines might exaggerate this issue as well, opposed to flat terrain.

Just want to point out regrading my other ticket T134806

The Weapon visualization bug has been fixed using Method 1: Being ADS and activating Weapon Collision which is great.

But, Method 2: Reloading whilst ADS still makes the bad weapon visualization bug occur, (hopefully you guys can fix it before 1.0)

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