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Experimental Infected bugs & issues remain
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New experimental update out, infected AI tweaked, & instance where they will not attack through the wall, yet find the route through the Navigation Mesh to the entrance, and attack from there.

  • Did not experience them attacking through walls, yet just waiting outside the wall while in a building, instead of finding an entrance inside.
    • Zombies are still teleporting around into buildings A LOT especially after their pathing is supposedly tweaked & fixed to enter into buildings (from reports I hear)
    • Along w/ the above point, they're still super slow to get into buildings, sometimes just even freezing on the spot, & not being able to enter into your building/room.
    • Infected can get stuck, and go into the ground still, mainly including random hills throughout the map (such as the airfield hangar hills, big excavated piles of earth, etc.)
    • there may still be issues, where infected spawn in stuck on geometry, but it looked like most were able to free themselves after aggro (but maybe just lucky)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Play on experimental servers, even on a medium population, still receive this type of results.

Additional Information

The jumping, when injured, should go, and be patched.
Was ridiculous, that even at blinking red health, I was able to do super long jumps/strides to avoid them even when injured (shown in the 1st clip)

When blinking red injured it's hard to enter/go up some stairs into buildings such as the black loghouse. (shown in 2nd clip)

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Hello xArmanR and thank you for the report.
These issues are known to us and scheduled for a fix.