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CSAT AI controlled Mi-48 Kajman Helicopters and CSAT Y-32 VTOL's (Infantry/Vehicle transports) pilots/gunners are using incorrect missiles against heavily armored targets.
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CSAT AI Controlled Kajman and CSAT Y-32 Variants have forgotten how to kill armored targets. They refuse to use ATGM missiles against armored targets such as MBT's. Instead they prioritise emptying their Skyfire rockets against these armored targets (meant for killing light vehicles). Only once they run out of Skyfire rocket ammo and discover they are incapable of destroying the armored target, then they may use an ATGM on the odd occasion (seems to be completely random), if they can get a lock.

In my tests, the Blufor M2A1 tanks were patrolling (so the engines were heated up) so not being able to get a heat lock does not play into the matter. I even switched to the gunner and was able to lock on targets immediately myself and kill off the remaining tanks with ATGM missiles. I further tested this by adding a to-199 AI controlled Jet into the mission which proceeded to tear apart the tanks with it's own ATGM missiles as intended.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Eden Editor.
  1. Place down a couple of armored vehicles with a crew such as Blufor M2A1 tanks (best place to put them down is on any airfield runway). Set the tanks to patrol up and down the airfield so that their engines are heated up (for missile lock on purposes).
  1. Place down a flying CSAT Kajman or Y-32 VTOL nearby and set up a Search and Destroy Waypoint for it at the blufor tanks location. Make the gunner and pilot as playable units.
  1. Place down any neutral infantry unit for yourself on the runway so you can observe the battle. Set to player unit.
  1. Start the mission. The CSAT Kajman or VTOL will fly over the tanks launching ineffective Skyfire rockets at them (missing 99% of the time...). It will continue to make passes at the tanks until it runs out of Skyfire rockets. At which point (after 5-10mins), it may use an ATGM to kill the tanks (if your lucky).
  1. Switch to either the gunner or pilot (set to manual fire if pilot), switch to ATGMS, lock on target, fire, kill tanks.
  1. What's suppose to happen is that Skyfire rockets should be the AI's primary weapon of choice against light vehicles, whereas the ATGM should be the primary weapon of choice against heavy vehicles. Only if the AI cannot lock on target or runs out of ATGM missiles should they use skyfire rockets against the tanks.
Additional Information

Doesn't matter if it's the original unit or the dynamic loadout versions of the units. They all have the same AI behaviour. Skyfire rockets always seem to be prioritised for use by AI against armored targets instead of available ATGM's. This leads me to think it could be a problem related to the Skyfire rocket itself.

VTOL and Kajman AI units had their skill levels set to 1 (Maximum).

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Wulf changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.Nov 29 2018, 12:47 PM
Jason_Boult_NZ added a comment.EditedDec 7 2018, 2:17 AM

Hi there, any update on this? I mean, this must be breaking a lot of peoples games wherever the AI is piloting these are involved. I mean, these things used to be absolute badass Lions terrorising and killing everything on the battlefield, now more like pesky mosquitos with no punch...

Hazardous added a comment.EditedDec 11 2018, 3:51 AM

wanna chip in too, not only on the kajman, even the blackfoot pilots have an existential crisis when engaging MBT's, instead of using their more Effective ATGM's they rather use the flimsy 20mm cannon that doesnt do squat against heavily armed tanks, there must REALLY be an issue with the AI code, even modded helicopter gunships are affected by it.