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Bugs I've found as of Beta 0.63.149415
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There are a number of issues related to base building that I have found.

  • Electrical devices disconnect on server restarts, which causes some components to despawn on the loot cleanup timer.
  • Gate is almost impossible to find the trigger point to open and close.
  • Occasionally the incorrect component builds despite saying a specific part (ie, fence base up might occasionally make fence wood up when selecting base up)
  • Combination Lock loses it's memory on server restart, preventing unlocking of gates.
  • All players driving will hit a desync issue at the same time, causing them to appear on their screen as if they are bouncing around the map, eventually falling under it. This clears up about 30s later (normally), with the vehicle settling back at surface level, allowing them to proceed as normal. Other players do not see this issue, only the driver.
  • When cutting planks of wood from a pile, the player is lifted up with each new item. If the player then enters the inventory to compound the stack, if they start moving the planks from the top of the pile, they will be dropped down to the next level and inventory will go away, leaving the player in a completely locked state.

I'm not putting these into separate reports, Take it or leave it.


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Windows 10 x64
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Most of the above issues are based around server restarts, something that the team never seems to think about (yet is required every 2 hrs on most servers otherwise the desync caused on players joining gets too ridiculous).

The gate being near impossible to find the trigger to open/close is ridiculous. There's not really any viable excuse for that.

Wood planks issue is very easy to reproduce and I'm amazed that it was not caught in-house. Because it's dumb as:
Step 1: Hold a hacksaw and go to a pile of planks
Step 2: Cut planks from the pile
Step 3: Cut more planks from the pile (do not move)
Step 4: Cut more planks from the pile (do not move)
Step 5: Enter Inventory
Step 6: Collect logs from right side of the "Vacinity" and start stacking them into a 20 pile
Step 7: Get absolutely frustrated as the planks under you disappear, your inventory window will disappear and your controls will be locked.
Step 8: Open your inventory again and close it to fix the issue.
Step 9: Inform Bohemia of their ridiculous oversight.

Additional Information

It's clear this was not ready for BETA, it should never have been pushed to Stable.

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Also, when you are building and the hammer wears out, it locks your character unable to move, in a bent over position.

I'm not putting these into separate reports, Take it or leave it.

maybe just close this ticket as obsolete?