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New Stable Update | Environment Audio (Maybe Player Audio) Bugged or Reverted to of the early stress tests audio.
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It seems a lot of the audio has taken a step backwards this update. It might be bugged, or the audio in general was reverted to of the early 0.63 stress tests.

  • Transition audio between entering indoors and outdoors does not exist currently (no fade, just straight silence, or straight to sounds of rain, or wind)
  • No ambient sounds of rain or wind within buildings/indoors, (hearing rain fall on the roof off the buildings, wind outside)
  • Wind sounds, like the first few stress tests I think? + plus very windy unnatural bendy moving trees and grass at times
  • Audio near creeks don't exist anymore.
  • and more, that are yet to be discovered?


Player Audio might be bugged again possibly?
-Footstep sounds might be silent, and bugged again like the first few stress tests?
and possibly reloading, eating, drinking, and distant gunshot audio, might all be bugged, but have not tested this update.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up the new update.
  2. When it's raining or windy outside, go in and between indoors and outdoors.
  3. Listen to the audio and transitions, (there's no soft fade in audio to each, just rough silence or rough transition to loud rain/wind)

If it's raining, windy, or normal weather outside

  1. Go indoors
  2. Check if you can hear any ambient sounds of rain or wind what so ever (rain hitting the roof quietly, wind quietly blowing outside )

(Player Audio wise) I'm not sure about player audio, so it may be okay, but it's highly possible it can be bugged too
test footstep sounds w/ another player if there are any issues.
test between or in buildings, different distances, different types of terrain

^ same for reloading, eating, drinking, and gunshot audio

Additional Information

Also, Clouds on medium settings.
But Blue sky, with some clouds and still raining?
and on High cloud settings, it only becomes fully cloudy.
as shown in the second clip w/ hunting stand
Sunlight flare even though it's cloudy and raining.

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