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Cant load M4A1
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I have a worn m4a1...I have ammo and clips in good condition....

I can only load ONE bullet at a time in the chamber and then fire that round.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Gun in hand
Drag ammo to gun and it only loads on bullet to chamber and you can fire that round.

Cant swap out the mag for a full one.

Basically I am walking around with a gun with one bullet.

Additional Information

I will try and get a video of this.

Also, the game looks amazing.

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i can reload while i have my weapon raised and when i use shortcut bar to reload, it works everytime for me with this method

There seems to be a problem with invisible mags inside weapons, preventing one from loading an actual one. Even relogging does not fix it. Seen it with the CR-Pistol and AKM so far.

Here is an excerpt from the latest experimental patch notes:

(Known issue: A magazine can be placed into a weapon in the hands slot when double clicking it in inventory vicinity - this results in the magazine being dysfunctional and stuck in the weapon)

Seems like they are aware of the issue.

Gotcha thanx for the update.

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