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Night time is way too dark to the point i cant even see my character
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{F487569}Whenever I log into a night server, or a day server that is turning night, my screen is pitch black with a staticky effect. I understand that the nights are supposed to be very dark in dayz in order to preserve realism and that's why there are items like flashlights and flares, but in real life I live in the high desert, and I can go out just a 10 minute drive and there's no artificial light and I can still see some of my surroundings. In dayz with this issue I can only see the outline of my backpack (if that) and the clouds and sky look normal, but the rest of the terrain is pitch black. I thought that maybe I needed to higher my brightness in my settings but when I tried to higher my brightness barely past the halfway point on the brightness meter it made my whole screen covered in various shades of gray and a different form of impossible to see. Then I thought it was some setting i have wrong and messed with my settings for a while with nothing fixing the problem. The next and last thing i tried was to update my drivers and that didnt fix the problem either. Right now I'm forced to play on only day servers which wouldnt really be an issue if all of the low ping servers available to me weren't either accelerated time meaning it would turn night soon enough, or they're not accelerated but the time that i usually play at is late at night and the servers near me are also late at night.

I've attached a file with 5 in-game screenshots, the first shows my surroundings with a flare lit, the second shows what I'm able to see without a flare, the third is the brightness setting that causes the grey screen issue which only gets worse as i higher the brightness meter, the fourth is my brightness meter when darkness is the issue, and the fifth is all my in-game settings. I've also included a dxdiag if that is important


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Windows 10 x64
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Anytime it begins to turn night my screen slowly gets more blurry/staticky and then one night hits entirely I can't see at all. Any time i try to turn my brightness higher than about 50% at night my screen turns is covered entirely by various shades of gray.

Additional Information

I've tried searching for this issue myself for a while and couldn't find anybody else have the issue besides one person and he was told that it wasn't actually a bug and the night was supposed to be that dark, which doesn't seem reasonable to me because your choices at night would either be to not be able to see which direction you're running, or to attract a lot of attention to you with an in-game light source like a flare, and if it was intended to be that dark, it doesn't explain why my screen gets all staticky at night too and why turning the brightness meter up even a tiny bit makes the whole screen shades of grey

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Doesn't sound like you're experiencing a bug. You must find a light-source to play during nights now in DayZ.

The game is perfect this way with the total darkness and without the cheating of the High range.

I hope the game stays that way, as it becomes another challenge to play the night.

It is only on a moon day that we will be easier to walk through chernarus, just as it was in its beginning in ArmA 2 DayZ Mod, of which we walked holding the flares and throwing them to light the way in Cherno.