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0.63.149365 - Server won't start anymore on linux with wine
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First of all, I'm aware that linux hosting is not supported, yet it was working fine from day one until that update and I can't rent a Windows server next to my Linux one, so I'm reporting the blocking error as It may probably impact Windows as well.

The server won't go further CreateGame() as it crashes.


Operating System
Linux x64
Operating System Version
Debian 9
Steps To Reproduce

Try to launch server with this command line :

`screen -dmS dayzserver xvfb-run --auto-servernum --server-args='-screen 0 640x480x24:32' wine64 DayZServer_x64.exe
-config=server_config.cfg -port=2302 -dologs -adminlog`

Server doesn't start and crash while trying to CreateGame().

Additional Information
Log C:\users\dayz\Local Settings\Application Data\DayZ\script.log started at 07.11. 16:13:23

SCRIPT       : Registered 365 temporary action enum(s), UAN==365
SCRIPT       : CreateGame()


== Z:\home\dayz\serverfiles\DayZServer_x64.exe
== Z:\home\dayz\serverfiles\DayZServer_x64.exe -config=server_config.cfg -port=2302 -dolog -adminlog
Exe timestamp: 2018/11/07 16:13:05
Current time:  2018/11/07 16:13:23

Version 0.63.149365
16:13:23 [Inputs] Loading inputs cfg "C:\users\dayz\My Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\Server\Server.core.xml"
Time: 16:13:24
Exception code: E06D7363  at 7B449B0C
Allocator: system
graphics:  No
resolution:  160x120x32
Addons:  DZ_Animals_sus_scrofa in DZ\animals\sus_scrofa\
  DZ_Spawn_Proxies in DZ\data\proxies\, DZ_Server_Data in DZ\server\
  DZ_Structures_Rail in DZ\structures\rail\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_AKM in DZ\weapons\firearms\akm\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_M4 in DZ\weapons\firearms\m4\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_Winchester70 in DZ\weapons\firearms\winchester70\
  DZ_Pistols_pmm in DZ\weapons\pistols\pmm\, DZ_AI in DZ\AI\
  DZ_Animals_Insect in DZ\animals\insect\, DZ_Animals in DZ\animals\
  DZ_Structures_Roads in DZ\structures\roads\
  DZ_Structures_Walls in DZ\structures\walls\, DZ_UI in DZ\ui\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_MosinNagant in DZ\weapons\firearms\mosin9130\
  DZ_Pistols_DE in DZ\weapons\pistols\de\
  DZ_Animals_ovis_orientalis in DZ\animals\ovis_orientalis\
  DZ_Characters_Belts in DZ\characters\belts\
  DZ_Characters_Shoes in DZ\characters\shoes\
  DZ_Gear_Containers in DZ\gear\containers\, DZ_Gear_Drinks in DZ\gear\drinks\
  DZ_Weapons_Archery_Bow_pvc in DZ\weapons\archery\bow_pvc\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_Repeater in DZ\weapons\firearms\repeater\
  DZ_Weapons_Shotguns_Izh43 in DZ\weapons\shotguns\izh43\
  DZ_Worlds_Chernarusplus_World in DZ\worlds\chernarusplus\world\
  DZ_Animals_ovis_aries in DZ\animals\ovis_aries\
  DZ_Characters_Zombies in DZ\characters\zombies\, DZ_Gear_Books in DZ\gear\books\
  DZ_Gear_Crafting in DZ\gear\crafting\, DZ_ModuleZ in DZ\modulesDayz\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_SKS in DZ\weapons\firearms\sks\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_pm73rak in DZ\weapons\firearms\pm73rak\
  DZ_Weapons_Melee in DZ\weapons\melee\
  DZ_Nonlethal_Shockpistol in DZ\weapons\nonlethal\shockpistol\
  DZ_Pistols_Red9 in DZ\weapons\pistols\red9\
  DZ_Weapons_Magazines in DZ\weapons\attachments\magazine\
  DZ_Animals_ovis_aries_fem in DZ\animals\ovis_aries_fem\
  DZ_Characters_Backpacks in DZ\characters\backpacks\
  DZ_Gear_Camping in DZ\gear\camping\
  DZ_Structures_Furniture in DZ\structures\furniture\
  DZ_Structures_Military in DZ\structures\military\
  DZ_Structures_Signs in DZ\structures\signs\
  DZ_Weapons_Archery_Bow_Quickie in DZ\weapons\archery\bow_quickie\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_AK74 in DZ\weapons\firearms\ak74\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_cz61 in DZ\weapons\firearms\cz61\
  DZ_weapons_nonlethal_DartGun in DZ\weapons\nonlethal\dartgun\
  DZ_Pistols_FNX45 in DZ\weapons\pistols\fnx45\
  DZ_Weapons_Supports in DZ\weapons\attachments\support\
  DZ_Animals_bos_taurus_fem in DZ\animals\bos_taurus_fem\
  DZ_Characters_Vests in DZ\characters\vests\, DZ_Gear_Food in DZ\gear\food\
  DZ_Structures_Specific in DZ\structures\specific\
  DZ_Weapons_Archery_Crossbow in DZ\weapons\archery\crossbow\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_aug in DZ\weapons\firearms\aug\
  DZ_Pistols_CZ75 in DZ\weapons\pistols\cz75\
  DZ_Weapons_Shotguns in DZ\weapons\shotguns\, DZ_Scripts in scripts\
  DZ_Animals_capreolus_capreolus_fem in DZ\animals\capreolus_capreolus_fem\
  DZ_Characters_Glasses in DZ\characters\glasses\, DZ_Radio in DZ\gear\radio\
  DZ_Gear_Traps in DZ\gear\traps\, DZ_Water in DZ\water\
  DZ_Weapons_Ammunition in DZ\weapons\ammunition\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_B95 in DZ\weapons\firearms\b95\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_SVD in DZ\weapons\firearms\svd\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_Ruger1022 in DZ\weapons\firearms\ruger1022\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_Trumpet in DZ\weapons\firearms\trumpet\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_SaigaK in DZ\weapons\shotguns\saiga\
  DZ_Animals_cervus_elaphus in DZ\animals\cervus_elaphus\
  DZ_Animals_AnimConfig in DZ\animals\animconfig\
  DZ_Animals_canis_lupus in DZ\animals\canis_lupus\
  DZ_Anims_Anm_Player in DZ\anims\anm\player\
  DZ_Weapons_Archery_Bow_Recurve in DZ\weapons\archery\bow_recurve\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_groza in DZ\weapons\firearms\ots14\
  DZ_Pistols_Glock in DZ\weapons\pistols\glock\
  DZ_worlds_chernarusplus_ai_spawner in DZ\worlds\chernarusplus\ai\spawner\
  DZ_Animals_lepus_europaeus in DZ\animals\lepus_europaeus\
  DZ_Animals_capreolus_capreolus in DZ\animals\capreolus_capreolus\
  DZ_Animals_sus_domesticus in DZ\animals\sus_domesticus\
  DZ_Characters_Gloves in DZ\characters\gloves\
  DZ_Vehicles_Wheeled in DZ\vehicles\wheeled\
  DZ_Weapons_Animations in DZ\weapons\animations\
  DZ_Weapons_Archery in DZ\weapons\archery\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_IZH18 in DZ\weapons\firearms\izh18\
  DZ_Weapons_Launchers in DZ\weapons\launchers\
  DZ_Weapons_Melee_Powered in DZ\weapons\melee\powered\
  DZ_Pistols_p1 in DZ\weapons\pistols\p1\
  DZ_Animals_gallus_gallus_domesticus in DZ\animals\gallus_gallus_domesticus\
  DZ_data_aiconfigs in DZ\data\aiconfigs\
  DZ_Data_Data_ParticleEffects in DZ\data\data\particleeffects\
  DZ_Gear_Cultivation in DZ\gear\cultivation\, DZ_Gear_Tools in DZ\gear\tools\
  DZ_Structures in DZ\structures\data\
  DZ_Structures_Residential in DZ\structures\residential\
  DZ_Weapons_Explosives in DZ\weapons\explosives\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_UMP in DZ\weapons\firearms\ump45\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_MP5 in DZ\weapons\firearms\mp5\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_VSS in DZ\weapons\firearms\vss\
  DZ_Pistols_mkii in DZ\weapons\pistols\mkii\
  DZ_Pistols_Encore in DZ\weapons\pistols\longhorn\
  DZ_Animals_capra_hircus in DZ\animals\capra_hircus\
  DZ_Animals_ursus_arctos in DZ\animals\ursus_arctos\
  DZ_Characters_Tops in DZ\characters\tops\, DZ_Data in DZ\data\
  DZ_Gear_Optics in DZ\gear\optics\, DZ_Rocks in DZ\rocks\
  DZ_Structures_Ruins in DZ\structures\ruins\, DZ_Surfaces in DZ\surfaces\
  DZ_Weapons_Launchers_LAW in DZ\weapons\launchers\law\
  DZ_Weapons_Launchers_GP25 in DZ\weapons\launchers\gp25\
  DZ_Pistols_1911 in DZ\weapons\pistols\1911\
  DZ_Pistols_Derringer in DZ\weapons\pistols\derringer\
  DZ_Animals_gallus_gallus_domesticus_feminam in DZ\animals\gallus_gallus_domesticus_feminam\
  DZ_Animals_capra_hircus_fem in DZ\animals\capra_hircus_fem\
  DZ_Characters in DZ\characters\data\, DZ_Characters_Heads in DZ\characters\heads\
  DZ_Characters_Masks in DZ\characters\masks\
  DZ_Characters_Pants in DZ\characters\pants\
  DZ_data_trackingconfigs in DZ\data\trackingconfigs\
  DZ_Gear_Consumables in DZ\gear\consumables\, DZ_Gear_Medical in DZ\gear\medical\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_Scout in DZ\weapons\firearms\scout\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_M249Para in DZ\weapons\firearms\m249\
  DZ_Weapons_Melee_Blunt in DZ\weapons\melee\blunt\
  DZ_Weapons_Melee_Blade in DZ\weapons\melee\blade\
  DZ_Pistols_Magnum in DZ\weapons\pistols\magnum\
  DZ_Animals_bos_taurus in DZ\animals\bos_taurus\
  DZ_Animals_cervus_elaphus_feminam in DZ\animals\cervus_elaphus_fem\
  DZ_Anims_Cfg in DZ\anims\cfg\, DZ_Gear_Cooking in DZ\gear\cooking\
  DZ_Sounds_Effects in DZ\sounds\hpp\
  DZ_Weapons_Launchers_RPG7 in DZ\weapons\launchers\rpg7\
  DZ_Nonlethal in DZ\weapons\nonlethal\
  DZ_Pistols_Flaregun in DZ\weapons\pistols\flaregun\
  DZ_Pistols in DZ\weapons\pistols\
  DZ_Weapons_Projectiles in DZ\weapons\projectiles\
  DZ_Animals_vulpes_vulpes in DZ\animals\vulpes_vulpes\
  DZ_Sounds_Weapons in DZ\sounds\weapons\
  DZ_Structures_Industrial in DZ\structures\industrial\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_CZ527 in DZ\weapons\firearms\cz527\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_AK101 in DZ\weapons\firearms\ak101\
  DZ_Weapons_Misc in DZ\weapons\misc\
  DZ_Weapons_Muzzles in DZ\weapons\attachments\muzzle\
  DZ_Characters_Headgear in DZ\characters\headgear\
  DZ_Gear_Navigation in DZ\gear\navigation\, DZ_Plants in DZ\plants\
  DZ_Structures_Wrecks in DZ\structures\wrecks\
  DZ_Vehicles_Parts in DZ\vehicles\parts\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms_FAL in DZ\weapons\firearms\fal\
  DZ_Weapons_Firearms in DZ\weapons\firearms\
  DZ_Weapons_Launchers_M203 in DZ\weapons\launchers\m203\
  DZ_Pistols_pb6p9 in DZ\weapons\pistols\pb6p9\
  DZ_Weapons_Shotguns_MP133 in DZ\weapons\shotguns\mp133\
  DZ_Weapons_Lights in DZ\weapons\attachments\light\
  DZ_Weapons_Optics in DZ\weapons\attachments\optics\
Mods: DZ
Version 0.63.149365
Fault address:  7B449B0C 01:00028B0C C:\windows\system32\KERNEL32.dll
world:    ChernarusPlus
Prev. code bytes: FF 1F 48 89 D7 F3 48 A5 48 89 C1 E8 CC 92 FE FF
Fault code bytes: 48 8D 65 F0 5E 5F 5D C3 0F 1F 40 00 48 8D 44 24

Event Timeline

GrosTon1 created this task.Nov 7 2018, 5:05 PM
JnounHD added a subscriber: JnounHD.EditedNov 8 2018, 12:08 PM

we have same issue here Baty saids that they dont support Linux yet so why till now we were able to use a Linux server to host a DayZ community server ?

Do somethings with Linux servers owner pls, it should be planned as same time on the unfolding Modtool and BETA release...

You cant ignore that.

Please offer servers under linux, they will be more scriptable and automated. We can grow the dayz community. Servers on linux will be better able to respond to the loads and needs of the community.

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Nov 8 2018, 12:30 PM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello GrosTon1.
Are there any .mdmp files being created in the folder where the .RPT is stored when the crash occurs? If so, please upload them to this ticket.

I get errors while trying to load my server

GrosTon1 added a comment.EditedNov 8 2018, 12:59 PM

Hello Geez,

Sadly no, there is none.
Thank you for not letting us down, let me know if I you need anything.


Defess added a subscriber: Defess.Nov 8 2018, 2:51 PM

I starting server and getting this error.

J03Y added a subscriber: J03Y.Nov 8 2018, 3:35 PM
Geez added a comment.Nov 8 2018, 5:52 PM

Hello GrosTon1.
One of the parameters you are using is written incorrectly (should be -dologs instead of -dolog), it is possible that by correcting this parameter we might get some more info about the issue. Also, can you try renaming all the folders in your server client with lowercase letters? And if it is not an issue, can you send us the crash.log files and script.log files?

Hey Geez,

Thank you for pointing out the -dologs error, sadly there is a error about minidump in the RPT and it still doesn't generate.
I renamed everything in lowercase and cleared old logs before starting the server to see what it generates, and there's only the .RPT and the script.log, crash.log had old things non related to this issue.
Please find attached a screenshot of the folder, and both .RPT and script.log files.

Once again, thank you.

GrosTon1 edited Steps To Reproduce. (Show Details)Nov 8 2018, 6:05 PM
thelastnoc added a comment.EditedNov 8 2018, 10:39 PM

Hello everyone!

I've tested everything after the latest patch that broke the server for us Linux Survivor and it just won't start anymore.
I installed the patch on Debian with a Desktop environment to see the Server Console that needs a X-Server. Below you can see what i got from the crash logs.

The Server itself won't generate any logfile because it just crash on start.

I have one request though! Forward that to the devs!

Please give us an option to disable the GUI-Console so we can see the output of the server in our linux shell!
Something like -nogui so it starts in a windows console.
That way we don't need Xvfb (X Window Virtual Framebuffer) what can help eliminate sources of issues until we get the native server files!

Logs of the last working patch.

thelastnoc added a comment.EditedNov 12 2018, 4:52 PM

The new RPT File from todays path. Server is still not working.

Also a MDMP File from a test some days ago.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Assigned.Nov 13 2018, 10:57 AM

Hello Geez, do you have any news for us?

Geez added a comment.Nov 22 2018, 1:49 PM

Hello thelastnoc.
Unfortunately there are no news at the moment, as the linux servers are currently not supported and therefore not a priority at the moment.

Hello Geez,

What does "Assigned" mean ? Do you guys plan to talk about linux server support soon ? I got an answer on twitter that said that it was currently being tested by QA, how is it going ?


Geez added a comment.Nov 26 2018, 12:35 PM

Hello Geez,

What does "Assigned" mean ? Do you guys plan to talk about linux server support soon ? I got an answer on twitter that said that it was currently being tested by QA, how is it going ?


Hello GrosTon1.
It does mean that the issue is known to us and will be resolved in the future stages of development (with the release of linux support). There is indeed a linux version being tested internally, however I cannot provide any information regarding to the testing itself.

Keleg added a subscriber: Keleg.Dec 4 2018, 6:40 PM

Does it work on wine with new version or experimental version?

Good Evening.

The Server keeps crashing, however it does it on a later stage. Here is also a Screenshot and mdmp/rpt files.

Version 1.0.150000 MDMP File

The Version 1.0.149974 did show up a server though

I confirm that my server showed up as well with 1.0.149974 (but it was crashing), not with 1.0.150000 though.

To every linux folks subscribed to this issue or finding it : Martin will make sure that the next server owner newsletter give an update about our beloved linux servers support. Subscribe if not already :