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Player Audio, WAY TOO loud and audible; bug // Stress 55
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Player audio is very erratic right now. Somethings are quiet (like footsteps, please fix, but they're better), and something are WAY too loud. This got this guy killed while I was at the NWAF.

Loading and Inserting magazines into weapons, is almost like 5 times louder than it needs to be! Seriously look into this
(this may also be the case with eating food, or drinking, but I'm not sure)

I could hear someone reloading, a building away from me, and he was inside a room, it was very loud, felt right next to me!
It's very confusing, and it gives player's position away.

It had alerted me, but I though it right to the room next to me, so I scanned in paranoia, but the dude was in the building away from me, yet I can hear it loud and clear.

Way too many issues w/ Player Audio at the moment

-Reloading and Loading magazines

-Gun shots nearby and in the distance (super fast and short, bugged)

-Footsteps (I think they're still quiet, may be wrong?)

  • Eating and Drinking sounds, etc.

-Plus, maybe infected sounds, as they cut off and are super short, but this may be intented


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Stress test 55
Have 2 players in your game.
Test the sounds of reloading, loading mags, eating, drinking, footsteps (player audio in general),
Do it in increments; test it 5 meters away, 10 meters away, 20 meters away, etc.
Test it between buildings (have a person in one room of building, and have another person in another room, in another building near by)

Additional Information

@Geez very game breaking.

please read the list I provided at the end of the description, and it entails mostly everything wrong with audio in this game at the moment.

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Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Jan 8 2019, 2:10 PM

Hello jamielou.007.
Is this still an issue?

Yes. I haven't played DayZ for awhile, and just returned, and the player sounds still seems to be too audible from a distance. I heard a person reloading from a building away in a higher floor (near top levels of ATC from outside)

I can't comment for footsteps sounds, but I didn't encounter any issues with them.

Another thing, playing on a deathmatch server, I still notice the issues with the EDEN (Distant gun shot audio) Sound Engine still persist.

You can't even properly hear when full auto sprays of gunfire erupt properly due to the sound of the gun shots being cut/coupled into the duration of 1-2 sounds of gunshots sounds (example: squishing 5 gunshots, into the duration of 1 gunshot).

Test this by having 2 players on a server (or multiple, as it can possibly occur with low server performance), and do incremental distances away to test/hear the gunshot audio.

Do full-auto sprays. (This was fine pre BETA patch/ Stress Test #50.)

(Also, PS supersonic cracks are non-existent right now, with gunfire. please bring it back!)