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Bugs and Problems with Surrender. Stress Test 53
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Surrender still has problems/bugs in stress 53, but they are more minor, but just break the animations/imemrsion

This is when crouched or prone in surrender, while holding either W, A, S, and/or D, it breaks the turning animation in crouched, and in prone, you won't be able to turn around at all.

Also, there's an issue, when you go surrender during prone, your character , will put out fists on her/his head, instead of laying hands flat on head, but this may not be the case for all characters (in this case, it's the character who has the orange/red short hair)


Operating System
Windows 8
Steps To Reproduce

Activate the surrender emote and go crouch and prone,
Use w, a, s, d in whatever combination
try turning around using mouse in crouch (breaks animation)
try turning around in prone (doesn't allow you to turn)

Also, try activating the surrender emote while prone, (with the red-haired lady character, maybe try other characters?) and look if she puts out fists on her head, instead of flat hands

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue with the directional keys and it has been scheduled for a fix. However, we had no luck reproducing the second issue you have mentioned so far. Are there any specific steps to produce this issue?

Haven't tried in awhile Geez, but it may be character specific for that issue. So you may need to select that female character in order for it to happen, but may already be fixed.

Maybe when you first surrender, try with a gun like the UMP, with your hands?