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Depth of Field bug, glitch, with Stress Test 53
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Stress Test 53, saw the return of DOF, and it looks better, but it has a very bad problem and bug.

That is when you ADS with the gun, and it blurs the surroundings a significant amount, especially when using the M4A1, with the carry-handle, front iron sights (no carry-handel), and maybe optics like the m65 red dot?

It can be hard to view your environment and spot players.

It happens with other guns like the UMP45, but not as noticeable, but still there.

Maybe try with guns like AK, FNX, SVD, etc.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Use any gun, especially m4a1, and go ADS, with the optics listed,(front iron sights, carry-handle, m65 red dot)

or try any other guns like ump with optics like above

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
We have tested the issue and also viewed the videos you have provided, but we do not see the issue with the "significant amount of blur" on the environment when aiming down the sights. Could you try to make a screesnhot comparison and mark the situations where it would make it harder to see the environment / nearby players? Also, the depth of field feature is still being worked on and will probably change for the future versions.

umm, I can't really test this right now, as I don't have access to the main culprit affecting this, the M4A1 with the carry-handle sights, and possibly M68 optics, and Kobra Optics.

But with the surrounds outside the ironsights, compare to how a bush looks in ADS, and how it looks in regular view.
(the bush looks blurred in the first video clip.)