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(StressTest51) Surrender Emote Bugs
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With the surrender emote, it's currently binded to both laying down and surrendering.
This makes you lie down at first, but when you crouch and stand up, you're in the surrender emote

Please make it F'2 again, like old DayZ, most important emote IMO, should be one of the first F keys you can access, use, and remember (or else you got everyone saying "PRESS F5, PRESS F5" instead of "PUT YOUR HANDS UP")

Also, the emotes being binded together cause for lag, allowing you moving while lying down
When you go crouch you are rubberbanding, and you can move a lot (not supposed to)
When standing you are also rubberbanding, and can barely move

When Prone, you should also be able to move your body around, but maybe not forward (only for standing) because being prone would be the worst in surrender especially 1pp (just facing one direction, can't even look behind 1pp)

*p.s* When crouched in surrender, it's really inconsistent whether your character will move your knees when moving your mouse to look around, or if it will just slide when looking around (like .62)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start jogging/sprinting then press F5 (maybe try even stationary may be more random)
  2. Start moving around when laying down
  3. Press either mouse button to crouch into Surrender
  4. Start pressing either W, A, S, D and you'll be able to move when crouched
  5. Stand up, and try moving.
  6. You will rubber band and can barely move, standing up
Additional Information

I think restraining is bugged atm too, I think when you try to restrain someone, you restrain yourself but not sure.

With emotes like Laying down, you also shouldn't be able to tilt your body around by moving mouse, looks unrealistic, since it looks like a spinning laying down person.

*edit*Was also playing 720P, then switched resolution to 1080P, and all of my status indicators became misaligned, smaller and moved to the near center of screen.

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
If you remove the contents of your C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ folder, do you still experience the inconsistent behaviour of the F5 key?

I can add to this. I experienced movement bugs after using the F5 key on stress test #52 (SWE2-1 and SWE2-2, 0.63.149189). I deleted the contents in my DayZ folder and the problem persisted.

  • Pressing F5 and then pressing it again before the lying down animation finishes causes the player character's movement to become bugged. The player character rubberbands and moves really slow when jogging, whereas the character moves at jogging speed when crawling.
  • Pressing F5 again and letting the animation finish resets the movement to normal.

jamielou.007 added a comment.EditedOct 25 2018, 2:41 AM

@Geez I removed my contents, and it removed the laying down binded to F.5 which is good :)

But even when activating the surrender emote, it would activate for 2 seconds, that instantly deactivate, defeating the whole purpose of using the emote, because it bugs out, and stops working 1-2 seconds after you press the Surrender emote key

Geez added a comment.Oct 29 2018, 4:01 PM

Thank you for the update jamielou.007.
We have confirmed the surrender in crouch issue and it has been scheduled for a fix. Also we are looking into the issue with config file not updating properly and using the wrong gesture.

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Hello jamielou.007.
The issue with the surrender gesture has been fixed internally and will be fixed on Steam in the future.